Microsoft Pushes Fake News then Lame ‘Correction’ re Bogus 775% Surge

April 3, 2020
Yes, we all make mistakes, and yes, right now is a particularly stressful time—I get all that. So the fact that Microsoft recently made an error—a remarkably huge error—in a blog post describing the supposedly superb resilience of its cloud services is understandable. Deeply embarrassing, given the nature of its error, but understandable. Because, as we’ve
Portrait of Microsoft CFO Amy Hood

Microsoft Is #1 in the Cloud, and CFO Amy Hood Is Bullish on the Future

March 6, 2020
Speaking at an investors conference earlier this week, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood offered a range of insights into the company’s strategy while calling out particularly strong performances “across each of our cloud properties” and in Windows for security. In a Q&A session with Morgan Stanley lead software analyst Keith Weiss, Hood consistently expressed her optimism
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says that tech spending will double in the next decade

Tech Spending Is Set to Explode, Says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

February 7, 2020
As the digital economy takes hold and the cloud and ML power business innovation at an unprecedented scale, today’s robust IT budgets pale in comparison to what’s coming over the next several years. “Tech spending as a percentage of GDP is projected to double over the next decade,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said last week.
CTO Mark Russinovich speaks about Microsoft boosting Azure reliability

Microsoft Tackles Top Challenge: Boosting Azure’s Reliability

January 28, 2020
With Azure having become Microsoft’s centerpiece for the future, the company’s making some huge investments around ML and other technologies to boost Azure’s reliability as more global corporations bet their businesses on it. Several months ago, I wrote about some earlier steps Microsoft was taking to address Azure’s reliability. Called After 3 Cloud Failures in
Microsoft Azure is the cloud of choice for CIOs, according to a Goldman Sachs survey

Amazon’s Worst Nightmare Comes True: Microsoft Azure #1 among CIOs

January 8, 2020
Among 100 CIOs at large global companies, Microsoft Azure has become significantly more popular than Amazon’s AWS as the public-cloud infrastructure of choice, according to a Goldman Sachs survey. While Goldman Sachs emphasized that the survey measures volumes of workloads rather than revenue, the news that 56 of the 100 CIOs surveyed are using Azure
Cloud Wars analyzes Microsoft Azure reliability, a challenge for 2020

Microsoft’s Most-Dangerous Challenge in 2020

January 2, 2020
While my #1 Cloud Wars story from 2019 is Microsoft’s excellent chance of topping $50 billion in cloud revenue for its fiscal 2020, the biggest threat to that achievement is an internal issue the company’s working hard to address. And that near-existential threat is the level of reliability of its Azure cloud. Six months ago,
Stream my conversation with CMO Mick Hollison about the Cloudera Data Platform

Cloudera: Why the Enterprise Data Cloud Is Indispensable

October 30, 2019
This episode is brought to you by Cloudera. For this sponsored Cloud Wars Live conversation, I spoke with Mick Hollison, CMO of Cloudera. Mick just came back from a Cloudera customer event in New York City called Strata Data, during which they unveiled the new Cloudera Data Platform to the world. He says that customers
Azure chief Jason Zander talks about Microsoft's billion-dollar cloud

Inside Microsoft’s Billion-Dollar Cloud Deals: Driving ‘Innovation Agendas’

October 1, 2019
With Microsoft on pace to generate $50 billion in commercial-cloud revenue in its current fiscal year, it was fascinating to hear a top Azure executive describe how Microsoft's been able to land some billon-dollar or $500-million cloud deals recently. We got a preview during Microsoft’s fiscal-Q4 earnings call on July 18. That's when CEO Satya
Satya Nadella and Rohan Kumar speak about the new Microsoft Azure Cloud limitless database

Satya Nadella Promises ‘Hyperscale Limitless Database’ on Microsoft Azure Cloud

September 10, 2019
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella posted an intriguing video on LinkedIn this week extolling the virtues of what he called a “hyperscale limitless database” to meet the surging needs of the data-driven economy. I am *clearly* no expert on database technology. But I surmise that the key takeaway of the video from Nadella and corporate VP
Mohak Shroff offers insight into why LinkedIn chose the Azure cloud

Microsoft Cloud Gains 645 Million Users as LinkedIn Picks Azure over Amazon and Google

July 24, 2019
Microsoft’s wholly owned subsidiary LinkedIn has chosen to get out of the data-center business. LinkedIn will soon begin moving all of its infrastructure to the Azure cloud, according to a report on LinkedIn came to the decision entirely on its own with zero pressure from Microsoft, the article says. That would be wholly consistent