Oracle CEO Safra Catz discusses future of Oracle Cloud

Oracle CEO Safra Catz: Blockbuster Quarter Shows Surge to Oracle Cloud Has Begun

September 16, 2020
While Oracle’s stunning emergence as a cloud-infrastructure player might well be due to a range of complex factors, it might also be the result of this uncomplicated dynamic cited by CEO Safra Catz: “More and more of our customers want to bring their Oracle databases to the Oracle Cloud.” On my Cloud Wars Top 10
Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman predicted the power of the cloud, now Snowflake receives $500 million in investments

Snowflake CEO: Cloud Is ‘Biggest Thing Ever in the World of Computing’

September 9, 2020
With Salesforce and Warren Buffet yesterday investing about $500 million in cloud-storage superstar Snowflake, bear in mind that 7 months ago Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman said the cloud represents the biggest and most-dynamic market the computer industry has ever seen. Bolstered by the infusion from Salesforce--#3 on the Cloud Wars Top 10 and arguably the
Workday Revives co-CEO Model with Aneel Bhusri and Chano Fernandez

What Did Oracle, Salesforce and SAP All Scrap But Workday Just Revived?

September 4, 2020
The co-CEO model might be dead and gone at fellow cloud powerhouses Oracle, Salesforce and SAP, but Workday last week revived the unconventional management structure to allow co-founder and now-co-CEO Aneel Bhusri more time to focus on products and strategy. Bhusri’s new partner in leading Workday into the challenging future is Chano Fernandez, who prior
Ten Key Takeaways from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff's Q2 Earnings Call

The Magic of Marc Benioff: 10 Key Drivers Behind Salesforce Q2 Surge

September 3, 2020
After the market cap of Salesforce experienced a single-day surge of $50 billion after it announced blowout financial results despite the global pandemic, the most obvious question is this: how in the world did they do that? To offer some perspective, that $50 billion jump—generated in a single day—is bigger than the entire market cap
Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, talks Tableau acquisition

Best Software Acquisition of All Time Was Salesforce Buying Tableau: Marc Benioff

September 1, 2020
While Marc Benioff has been increasingly effusive over the past few quarters in praising Salesforce’s Tableau subsidiary, he went over the moon in last week’s call by declaring it to be not only the best but also most-successful software-industry acquisition ever. Tableau’s now part of the what has become Salesforce’s largest business unit—Platform & Other—whose
Table showing Microsoft Azure growth rate for the last three fourth quarters

As Microsoft Azure Growth Declines, Should Satya Nadella Worry?

August 12, 2020
The growth rate for Microsoft Azure has tumbled from 89% nine quarters ago to 50% last quarter.   Should this be a cause for concern for the world’s largest and most-influential enterprise-cloud vendor and its CEO? Or is it just a natural offshoot of the law of big numbers, in which it is wickedly difficult
Bill McDermott is bringing change to ServiceNow

How Bill McDermott & ServiceNow Are Supercharging the Pace of Change

August 6, 2020
In this time of rampant disruption, upheaval, and digital-everything, Bill McDermott and ServiceNow are promising to give businesses the gift of speed. “This is the power of the Now Platform: the ability to move fast, be agile, solve problems quickly with low-code, no-code app development, create new workflows that deliver great experiences,” McDermott said on
Side by side of the SAP and Qualtrics CEOs

SAP Cuts Qualtrics Loose: Christian Klein’s Bizarre but Courageous Move

July 29, 2020
Tech-industry CEOs with high-growth businesses generally pour on the investments to scale that rocket as aggressively and as rapidly as possible. And when that runaway business also happens to sit at the dead-center of where the industry’s headed, they pour in even more investments. And they begin repositioning other products or businesses to feed off
SAP CEO Christian Klein

In Dangerous Times, SAP CEO Christian Klein Makes Clear: I’m in Charge

July 28, 2020
Nine months ago, Christian Klein was unexpectedly thrust into the role of co-CEO at SAP in the wake of Bill McDermott’s sudden departure. Five months ago, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and wildly disrupted SAP’s business. Three months ago, Klein become SAP’s sole CEO when Jennifer Morgan stepped down as co-CEO. And this week, in the
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about hypergrowth in a video

Microsoft Hypergrowth: Beyond Azure, Satya Nadella’s 5 Superstars

July 27, 2020
While it’s hardly a surprise anymore when Microsoft reports Azure revenue growth of 50%, Satya Nadella made a point in its fiscal-Q4 earnings call to call out the parallel steep growth in five related segments. As Microsoft’s enterprise-cloud revenue for the 12 months ended June 30 soared to $51 billion on the strength of $14.3