SAP co-CEO Jen Morgan poses with employees, after talking about new Remote Work Pulse tool

7,600 Companies Pounce on Free SAP Solution to Help Employees Manage COVID-19 Stress

April 7, 2020
SAP Qualtrics has discovered huge demand for a free new solution designed to help businesses monitor how WFH employees are feeling and offer them real-time support in these high-stress times. Eight days ago during an appearance on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money, SAP co-CEO Jennifer Morgan said that more than 5,000 companies were already using the
Cloud Wars Logo with text, Tech's Response to COVID-19: Microsoft and SAP CEOs speak

As COVID-19 Rages, Microsoft & SAP CEOs Share Messages of Gratitude, Empathy, Hope

March 23, 2020
(This is the latest in a series on how leading tech companies are supporting and encouraging employees, customers and extended communities in the time of Coronavirus.)   As COVID-19 continued wreaking havoc on billions of people across the globe late last week, the CEOs of SAP and Microsoft shared powerful messages of commitment, hope, thanks
Workday CEO Aneel Bhusri, who called out SAP and Oracle on a recent earnings call

Workday CEO Hammers Oracle and SAP over Shortcomings in Fortune 500

March 3, 2020
The inability of Oracle and SAP to consistently deliver successful HCM cloud deployments for longtime corporate customers has opened the door for Workday to snatch those HCM accounts, Workday CEO Aneel Bhusri said last week. During Workday’s Q4 and full fiscal-year earnings call, Bhusri cited the company’s excellent results in HCM during Q4: 11 new
Keith Block, the former co-CEO of Salesforce, speaks onstage

How Marc Benioff’s Vision for Salesforce’s Future Triggered Executive Shuffle

February 27, 2020
Over the last 6-1/2 years, Keith Block helped Marc Benioff do what few corporations have ever done before. But in a classic case of “what got us here won’t get us there,” Benioff leveraged the occasion of Salesforce’s record Q4 and fiscal-2020 earnings results to announce the departure of Block and continue staffing up his
Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, says that his top priority is creating AI-powered solutions

Google Launches New Era in Cloud with AI-Powered Industry Solutions

February 19, 2020
Emphasizing Google Cloud’s unique ability to offer new software solutions unlike anything the market has seen, CEO Thomas Kurian said last week that his #1 priority is to create a new breed of enterprise applications powered by ML and AI. Kurian has mentioned these unique AI-powered solutions in the past—he discussed them at length in
Screenshot from one of the AWS Super Bowl Ads with Aaron Rodgers

AWS Super Bowl Ads Draw This Reaction from Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian

February 17, 2020
During the recent Super Bowl, AWS showcased its big-data and analytics prowess through its ongoing high-visibility campaign of TV ads built around NFL plays and the endless array of statistics surrounding them.   Quarterback Aaron Rodgers in one of AWS' Next-Gen Stats commercials So when Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian spoke at the recent Goldman
AWS CEO Andy Jassy said it's folklore to believe Amazon takes over industries

Open Letter to AWS CEO Andy Jassy: People Aren’t as Dumb as You Think

February 14, 2020
Dear Andy: Here at Cloud Wars, we’re big admirers of your company, which is #2 on the Cloud Wars Top 10 behind #1 Microsoft. We're also fans of you, whom we selected as 2018 CEO of the Year. But that well-earned respect aside, I want to briefly address a comment you made the other day
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says that tech spending will double in the next decade

Tech Spending Is Set to Explode, Says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

February 7, 2020
As the digital economy takes hold and the cloud and ML power business innovation at an unprecedented scale, today’s robust IT budgets pale in comparison to what’s coming over the next several years. “Tech spending as a percentage of GDP is projected to double over the next decade,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said last week.
CEO Satya Nadella speaks about Microsoft digitalizing the world

How Satya Nadella and Microsoft Are Digitalizing the World

February 3, 2020
Exactly six years ago today, Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft and began turning the company upside down. And now that he’s got Microsoft innovating and executing as well as any company on Earth, Satya Nadella has set his sights on digitalizing the world. It’s no longer Microsoft’s goal for its business customers to consume
CEO Bill McDermott is helping ServiceNow redefine enterprise software

ServiceNow’s Big Secret: Bill McDermott Redefining Software Business

January 31, 2020
Its record revenues, record stock price, and soaring expectations aside, perhaps the most-disruptive initiative at high-flying ServiceNow is the way new CEO Bill McDermott is helping to redefine and redirect the enterprise-software business. Here at Cloud Wars, we’ve recently made the case on a few occasions that the traditional structure of the enterprise-software business—ERP, CRM,