CEO Satya Nadella speaks about Microsoft digitalizing the world

How Satya Nadella and Microsoft Are Digitalizing the World

February 3, 2020
Exactly six years ago today, Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft and began turning the company upside down. And now that he’s got Microsoft innovating and executing as well as any company on Earth, Satya Nadella has set his sights on digitalizing the world. It’s no longer Microsoft’s goal for its business customers to consume
CEO Bill McDermott is helping ServiceNow redefine enterprise software

ServiceNow’s Big Secret: Bill McDermott Redefining Software Business

January 31, 2020
Its record revenues, record stock price, and soaring expectations aside, perhaps the most-disruptive initiative at high-flying ServiceNow is the way new CEO Bill McDermott is helping to redefine and redirect the enterprise-software business. Here at Cloud Wars, we’ve recently made the case on a few occasions that the traditional structure of the enterprise-software business—ERP, CRM,
SAP co-CEO Jen Morgan speaks on the Q4 earnings call about Qualtrics and more

SAP Blockbusters: Bets Future on Qualtrics, Hedges on 2025 Deadline

January 29, 2020
Committing to a disruptive future while protecting its powerful past, SAP said Qualtrics and experience management are its growth engines for the future and that it will probably scuttle plans for terminating ECC support in 2025. On yesterday’s Q4 earnings call, SAP co-CEOs Christian Klein and Jennifer Morgan offered a range of compelling comments about
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

Ginni Rometty’s Last Stand: A 5-Point Plan to Reignite IBM’s Growth

January 22, 2020
While IBM’s Q4 cloud revenue jumped 23% and its $33-billion bet on Red Hat is looking good in these early days, CEO Ginni Rometty cannot afford another post-Q4 dropoff paired with promises of turnarounds looming somewhere down the road. To prevent another such slump, it’s clear that IBM must make some fundamental and structural changes
Cloud Wars analyzes ServiceNow's 2020 challenge: tripling its revenue

Bill McDermott’s ServiceNow Moonshot: Triple Revenue, Become “Most Admired”

January 17, 2020
(Last in our series on the top challenges facing the Cloud Wars Top 10.)   Two months before he officially became CEO of ServiceNow, legendary former CEO of SAP Bill McDermott pushed great expectations almost over the edge when he promised ServiceNow would become “the most admired business-software company in the world.” Oh yeah, and
Oracle's 2020 challenge: can it win against all the competitors it is attacking?

As Oracle Attacks SAP, Amazon, and Salesforce, Can Larry Ellison Beat Them All?

January 9, 2020
(Another installment in our series exploring the primary challenges faced by the Cloud Wars Top 10 vendors in 2020.)   While Larry Ellison has always eagerly sought out relevant marketplace confrontations, the lineup of cloud adversaries he’s called out here in 2020 is challenging even by Oracle’s lofty standards. Ellison has promised to dethrone SAP
Workday CEO Aneel Bhusri talks the financials business

Workday Says High-Flying Financials Business Will Surpass Flagship HCM

December 13, 2019
Despite continued strong growth from its flagship HCM product line that’s the dominant player among the Fortune 500, Workday says its high-flying Financials business will become the company’s biggest revenue driver over the next several years. That crossover event is still some ways down the road, but it’s highly significant. It clearly underscores Workday’s ability
Cloud Wars CEO of the Year 2019: Thomas Kurian

Cloud Wars CEO of the Year: Thomas Kurian of Google Cloud | Our Interview

December 10, 2019
Thomas Kurian is the Cloud Wars CEO of the Year for 2019. In just his first year at the helm, Kurian has helped fashion Google Cloud into a powerhouse that has not only all of the requisite capabilities of a world-class vendor but also leading skills and technologies in ML, AI, analytics, cybersecurity, hybrid cloud
Cloud Wars CEO of the Year 2019 Thomas Kurian

The CEO of the Year Is Google Cloud’s Thomas Kurian

December 9, 2019
Since taking over as CEO at Google Cloud in January 2019, Thomas Kurian has relentlessly exhorted his company to complement its superb technology with a deep sense of empathy for customers’ problems and their aspirations. Driving that type of cultural change is enormously challenging in any environment, and particularly so in an organization as large
SAP co-CEO Jen Morgan explained Qualtrics and HXM on a recent analyst call

SAP Says HCM Is Dead—Can Qualtrics Transform it to HXM?

November 21, 2019
Fulfilling promises from a year ago when it acquired Qualtrics for $8 billion, SAP says its infusion of Qualtrics experience-management capabilities into its SuccessFactors HR suite marks the end of the HCM category and the rise of HXM. “The days of transactional HCM are over,” said SAP co-CEO Jennifer Morgan at the company’s meeting last