Salesforce Dreamforce questions: will Benioff stick around?

Salesforce’s Top 3 Challenges: Love Microsoft, Fight Oracle, Keep Benioff

November 18, 2019
Salesforce’s annual revenue is surging toward $20 billion, its stock price is within a few bucks of its all-time high, and this week Marc Benioff is hosting 170,000 of his best friends at the annual Dreamforce extravaganza in San Francisco. The company’s core businesses are booming. It’s just forged a powerful partnership with the #1
SAP's executive board speaks during SAP Capital Markets Day

SAP after Bill McDermott: Crush Product Silos, Focus on Customer Success

November 13, 2019
In a 4-hour coming-out party with the financial-analyst community, SAP’s new co-CEOs fully committed to the company’s growth plans in the cloud and beyond, while vowing to make customer success SAP’s #1 priority and to exterminate product silos and low-growth vestiges of the company’s past. Speaking proudly of SAP’s heritage and the huge legacy of
Who will be Cloud Wars Top CEO for 2019?

Who’s Top CEO: Salesforce’s Benioff? Oracle’s Ellison? Google’s Kurian? Or??

November 11, 2019
With all of the top cloud vendors delivering remarkable performances in 2019, which leader deserves to be the Cloud Wars CEO of the Year? Across all of the Cloud Wars platforms, we are unabashed evangelists for the power of the cloud as a transformative engine of innovation, growth and opportunity. For each of the past
ServiceNow has climbed to #9 on the Cloud Wars Top 10

ServiceNow Jumps to #9 on Cloud Wars Top 10 behind #6 Google, #7 IBM, #8 Workday

November 5, 2019
With the imminent arrival of outgoing SAP CEO Bill McDermott and his revelation of plans to triple its revenue, ServiceNow has climbed to the #9 spot on the Cloud Wars Top 10 ranking of the world’s most-influential cloud vendors. Accenture slips from #9 to #10 in the wake of ServiceNow’s ascent, which has been triggered

Life After SAP: Bill McDermott’s 10-Point Plan to Triple ServiceNow’s Revenue

October 31, 2019
In a bizarre but compelling courtship ritual, Bill McDermott—who’s the outgoing CEO of SAP and the future CEO of ServiceNow—and John Donahoe—the soon-to-be-ex-CEO of ServiceNow and future CEO of Nike—outlined in a recent earnings call the fabulous future of a company neither exec fully represents. Setting aside that quirkiness in the space-time continuum, the outgoing
Sundar Pichai shares insight into Google Cloud Q3 growth

Google Cloud Q3 Growth Triggered by Compute, Data Analytics and G-Suite

October 30, 2019
Google Cloud racked up major Q3 wins in healthcare, financial services and retail as “strong customer demand” for compute, data analytics and G Suite generated “significant growth” across the globe for the #6 company on the Cloud Wars Top 10. Google CEO Sundar Pichai cited “great momentum” for its fast-growing cloud business. He also said
There's a CEO shuffle at SAP, ServiceNow, and Oracle

As SAP, Oracle and ServiceNow Lose Leaders, Who Wins CEO Shuffle?

October 29, 2019
In times of relentless change in the Cloud Wars, will the departures of well-established CEOs and the arrival of new ones at SAP, Oracle and ServiceNow lead to upheavals or to more of the status quo? Let me quickly set the stage for this CEO shuffle: Oracle: the tragic death of CEO Mark Hurd creates
SAP icon Bill McDermott is now ServiceNow CEO

Can SAP Icon Bill McDermott Turn ServiceNow into $10-Billion Cloud Powerhouse?

October 23, 2019
After losing its current CEO to the allures of Nike, ServiceNow has scored a huge coup by recruiting SAP icon Bill McDermott to become CEO of the high-flying digital-workflow company by year’s end. Saying he is “fired up and can’t wait to get started,” McDermott takes over from John Donahoe. Donahoe tripled ServiceNow’s market cap
SAP co-CEO Jen Morgan talks about the SAP Microsoft deal in cloud

SAP Rides Microsoft Deal to First $2-Billion Cloud Quarter as McDermott Era Ends

October 21, 2019
With its powerful new Microsoft cloud deal already driving a big chunk of future cloud revenue, SAP reported Q3 cloud-revenue growth of 37% to $2 billion as Bill McDermott’s decade-long SAP era winds down. The landmark SAP-Microsoft deal—first reported here in Cloud Wars 5 months ago in Microsoft Begins Selling SAP Applications As Cloud Ecosystem
Bill McDermott is stepping down as SAP CEO

How Bill McDermott Rescued SAP in its Darkest Hour: Courageous Leadership

October 11, 2019
It was early 2011. SAP had been rocked by slumping sales, a depressed stock price, unhappy customers, a disenchanted workforce, and a disastrous but short-lived CEO appointment.  At a sales kickoff meeting, newly named co-CEO Bill McDermott took the stage. He told the global sales team that not only would the company get back on