Understanding the New SAP: 10 Key Insights as Sapphire 2019 Kicks Off

May 6, 2019
As SAP prepares to roll out the future of the intelligent enterprise at Sapphire over the next few days, here are 10 timely perspectives to help you understand where the company stands today, where it’s headed, and why it expects to outperform its competitors. 1. SAP’s financial position has never been stronger. To compete and

ServiceNow Set to Unveil ‘Killer App’ as Market Cap Surpasses $50 Billion

May 2, 2019
With subscription revenue up 40% and a record-high market cap almost as large as General Motors’, digital-workflow leader ServiceNow is preparing to release a new employee-experience SaaS product that CEO John Donahoe says will become a “killer mobile app.” During ServiceNow’s recent Q1 earnings call, Donahoe spoke about the forthcoming release named “New York.” “New
Alphabet CEO Sundar Pinchai declined to offer specific Google Cloud Q1 Revenue numbers.

Google Cloud Q1 Numbers: What Alphabet Execs Said, and Didn’t Say

May 1, 2019
While Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and CFO Ruth Porat declined to offer specific details about Google Cloud’s revenue levels or growth rates during Monday’s earnings call, they did offer a few insights during prepared remarks and Q&A. Here’s a look at some of their verbatim statements. And I focused on comments about Google Cloud, which
Sadin on Digital: The New ERP

Outsource Software, Not Brains | Sadin on Digital | Cloud Wars Live

April 11, 2019

“Wayne Sadin on Digital Strategy” episodes will explore the fast-changing and high-stakes world of digital business. We’ll focus on what CEOs and boards must do to lead their companies successfully into the Digital Age. Today, we talk about how companies large and small can harness the power, capability and flexibility of new and emerging ERP solutions.

What Thomas Kurian must explain at Google Cloud Next '19

Four Big Questions Google Cloud Must Answer This Week

April 8, 2019

Two months after offering a compelling glimpse into how Google Cloud will become an aggressive and highly capable competitor in the Cloud Wars, CEO Thomas Kurian this week must win the confidence of customers and partners during the company’s highly anticipated Next ’19 event by filling in the details about  core positioning, industry solutions, and customer-success stories.

Satya Nadella's first email

Satya Nadella’s First Day as Microsoft CEO: 5 Things He Told Colleagues

March 22, 2019
“Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation.” That blunt challenge was perhaps the core message shared by newly named Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in an email to the entire company on Feb. 3, 2014 as he followed Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in becoming the third CEO in Microsoft’s storied history.
C-Suite Priorities

Cybersecurity and the C-Suite | Wayne Sadin on Digital Strategy

March 14, 2019
"Wayne Sadin on Digital Strategy" episodes will explore the fast-changing and high-stakes world of digital business. We'll focus on what CEOs and boards must do to lead their companies successfully into the Digital Age. Today, we talk about cybersecurity, the C-Suite and how businesses can avoid becoming Equifax, the sequel. Episode 3 In this episode, Wayne and
Cloud Wars Live podcast

Tech Industry Veteran Wayne Sadin: “We In IT Have To Change Our Thinking”

March 8, 2019

Below is a lightly edited transcript of my first Cloud Wars Live conversation with tech industry veteran Wayne Sadin, recorded in September 2018.  Bob Evans: Our guest today is Wayne Sadin, who has been a CIO, CTO, and CDO at multinationals, ranging down from there to startups. I’ve met Wayne on LinkedIn and Twitter, where he

Volkswagen & Microsoft

Volkswagen’s Remarkable Journey from #1 Car Maker to Software Company via Azure Cloud

February 28, 2019

At the ripe old age of 82 and having become the world’s largest automaker, Volkswagen AG is undertaking a massive transformation to surge into the wild new world of digital as a software company that provides mobility services and information rather than just cars, trucks and buses. Centered on the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud developed in