ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott

Bill McDermott Exclusive Interview: ServiceNow Will Lap Legacy ‘Cement Makers’

January 12, 2021
After an extraordinary first year as CEO of ServiceNow, Bill McDermott says his company is uniquely positioned in 2021 to help business customers reimagine their business models and move faster than they ever have before. ServiceNow is currently #9 on my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, and McDermott and I spoke by Zoom in
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

The CEO of the Year Is Marc Benioff of Salesforce

December 23, 2020
Even measured against the fun-house-mirror distortions that 2020 has imposed on the lives of every person on Earth, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff had a singular year. Consider: he turned his own world-renowned company upside-down in just 6 months and still beat growth expectations; he helped hundreds of corporate customers figure out how to sprint through
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian

Google Cloud’s Big Win: the Remarkable 2-Year Journey of CEO Thomas Kurian

November 9, 2020
If Google’s founders have a secret list of “best hires we’ve ever made,” I would surely bet that Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian is near or at the top. (On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Google Cloud is #4 behind #1 Microsoft, #2 Amazon, and #3 Salesforce.) Before Kurian came aboard in January
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian

Google Cloud Stellar Performance Triggers Special Status from Alphabet

November 6, 2020
While Google Cloud generated only 7.5% of parent-company Alphabet’s $46.2 billion in Q3 revenue, the cloud unit’s surging growth and massive potential have spurred Alphabet to begin breaking out Google Cloud’s financial results in a separate reporting segment. (On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Google Cloud is #4 after beginning the year at
Will Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos spin out AWS ?

As Amazon’s Cloud Growth Slows, Will Jeff Bezos Cut AWS Loose?

November 4, 2020
While Amazon’s AWS cloud unit has an excellent chance of blowing past $50 billion in revenue in 2021, the surging and superior results from Amazon’s “traditional” businesses might well provide Jeff Bezos with the impetus to spin out the superstar cloud unit next year. (On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Amazon is #2
SAP CEO Christian Klein

SAP: After Brutal Q3, Will it Stumble Again or Bounce Back Boldly?

November 3, 2020
Is SAP’s Q3 nightmare that zapped $35 billion in market-cap value a harbinger of deep troubles, or will the company be able to rally behind the customer-centric vision of CEO Christian Klein and emerge as a true cloud powerhouse? (SAP is #5 on my Cloud Wars Top 10 weekly rankings.) As is so often the
SAP CX Engineer

SAP Versus Salesforce: Is Marc Benioff Missing the CX Boom?

October 22, 2020
After two uninterrupted decades of outmaneuvering every competitor and embracing The Customer earlier and more intimately than anyone else, is it possible that Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO and global thought-leader, has been so wedded to CRM that he’s missed the CX revolution? Salesforce #3, SAP #5 on Cloud Wars Top 10 Has Benioff let rival
ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott gets closer to IBM

Market-Cap Madness: ServiceNow Jumps to $100 Billion, IBM Slumps to $104 Billion

October 21, 2020
Just when you started to think 2020 couldn’t get any more bizarre, try this on for size: as of this morning, ServiceNow's market cap had jumped to $100 billion while that of its new AI partner IBM had slumped to $104 billion. The power of positioning Yes, in today’s wacky world, investors have determined that
IBM CEO Arvind Krishna

Why Does IBM Have 4 Huge Zero-Growth Businesses in Today’s Booming Market?

October 20, 2020
In the midst of one of the greatest enterprise-tech markets ever, why does IBM have 4 zero-growth businesses with tenuous or even flimsy connections to its core future strategy of hybrid-cloud platform? (In my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, IBM is #7.) Hey—in a way, I get it. We’ve all got that ugly old