Graphic representing the Oracle Financial-Services Business Cloud

Larry Ellison’s Next Conquest: Oracle Dives into Financial-Services Business

September 20, 2021
While touting Oracle’s vast superiority over Amazon in databases and unconvincingly claiming Oracle had overtake Google Cloud in infrastructure, Larry Ellison last week also declared his company’s diving into the cloud B2B financial-services business. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Oracle is #6, Amazon is #2, and Google Cloud is #3. Cramming all
Amazon Oracle logos side by side to represent the database wars between the two

Database Wars: Oracle Attacks Amazon with High-Speed Upgrade

September 16, 2021
Claiming “stupendous” customer reaction for Oracle’s new version of the MySQL open-source database, Larry Ellison said his company’s new MySQL cloud service is 100X faster than Amazon Aurora and 10X faster than Amazon RedShift. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Oracle is #6 and Amazon is #2. What I found fascinating about Ellison’s
Cover image for the Cloud Wars Perspectives series, featuring DataStax CPO Ed Anuff

Building for Data is Mission-Critical: Ed Anuff of DataStax

September 15, 2021
As businesses accelerate into the digital economy, many are banking on AI and advanced analytics to create new capabilities and drive growth. But in many cases, those businesses are wildly overestimating the amount of data they have and the third-party data to which the have access--and without those large volumes of data, they lack the
DataStax Chief Product Officer Ed Anuff

DataStax Adds Multi-Region Flexibility to Its Serverless Cloud Database

September 15, 2021
Apache Cassandra has emerged over the past 10 years as one of the world’s leading open source databases, used across industries for everything from IoT data management to personalization to e-commerce and other retail applications. With its roots in work at Amazon, Facebook and Google, Cassandra is extremely capable of managing data at scale, but
cover image for the Cloud Database Report podcast, interview with Yugabyte CTO

Yugabyte CTO Karthik Ranganathan | The Cloud Database Report Podcast

September 13, 2021
In this episode of the Cloud Database Report Podcast, editor and host John Foley talks with Karthik Ranganathan, co-founder and CTO of Yugabyte, about what makes Yugabyte’s distributed cloud database unique in a crowded and competitive market. One differentiator is that Yugabyte’s open source database is compatible with PostgreSQL (a SQL database) and Apache Cassandra
Cover image for Cloud Database Report podcast with guest Ciaran Dynes of Matillion

Matillion Chief Product Officer Ciaran Dynes | Cloud DB Report Podcast

September 2, 2021
In this episode of the Cloud Database Report Podcast, Ciaran Dynes, Chief Product Officer with Matillion, a technology company that specializes in data integration and preparation for data warehouses, discusses how best practices are changing when data warehouses are in the cloud. Ciaran is responsible for product strategy and incorporating customer requirements into Matillion’s products,
Cloud Database Report Podcast cover for interview with Andi Gutmans of Google Cloud

Google Cloud Database GM Andi Gutmans | Cloud DB Report Podcast

August 2, 2021
In this episode of the Cloud Database Report Podcast, Andi Gutmans, the GM and VP of engineering for Google Cloud databases, discusses the accelerating adoption of cloud databases, the challenges and opportunities of database transformation, and how organizations are building and managing these new environments. Gutmans, who is responsible for Google Cloud's Bigtable, Cloud SQL,
Neo4j and Firebolt logos copy

The Next Snowflake? Two Highfliers Raise $452M in Red-Hot Cloud Database Market

June 24, 2021
Almost half a billion dollars in new funding is going to two database vendors — Neo4j and Firebolt —as investors look for the next Snowflake in the red-hot, $50 billion database market.  And Couchbase, which already has received $251 million in venture funding, announced plans on June 21 to file an initial public offering. Couchbase
Pinecone CEO Edo Liberty talks vector database capabilities

Pinecone Tackles Threat Detection, ‘Extreme Classification’ with New Vector Database

June 17, 2021
Pinecone Systems is demonstrating how vector databases in the cloud offer a fast and scalable way to develop critical business capabilities, powered by machine learning, such as IT threat detection and the complex classifications and recommendations of big data.  Pinecone has released templates to help developers and technical teams build and deploy applications that address