On a building, the logo for Microsoft, which will pass $50 billion in cloud revenue for 2020

Can Microsoft Resist COVID Slump and Reach $50 Billion in Cloud?

June 29, 2020
If Microsoft’s able to deliver a typically outsized revenue figure for its fiscal Q4 ending tomorrow, it will blow past the remarkable figure of $50 billion in annual cloud revenue. But the primary variable in that that “if” condition is a huge one: the global recession triggered earlier this year by the COVID-19 pandemic. Last
Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen says that Adobe Digital Experience business grew just 5% last quarter

Amid Wicked Competition with Salesforce, Adobe Enterprise Business Stalls

June 23, 2020
Battered by the COVID pandemic and the declining performance of its Advertising Cloud, Adobe’s enterprise-oriented Digital Experience business posted quarterly revenue of $826 million, up just 5%, for the 3 months ended May 31. Adobe’s fairly new to the Cloud Wars Top 10, where it holds the #10 spot, and in its previous quarter reported
Ahead of its Q4 earnings call, the Oracle logo appears on a large conference center window

Oracle Q4 Earnings: Larry Ellison Will Focus on 5 Things (Including SAP)

June 10, 2020
When Oracle’s Q4 earnings come out on June 16, Larry Ellison will be sure to focus on his two bet-the-company cloud products, his efforts to shake up cloud definitions and his looming promise to snatch some big SAP customers. Oracle’s fiscal Q4, ended May 31, is always Oracle’s largest. It also often reveals some developing
Slide from Salesforce Q1 earnings presentation

Salesforce Shocker: Its #1 Revenue Business Is “Platform and Other”

June 1, 2020
While Salesforce has been known as a SaaS powerhouse for its entire 21-year existence, its largest and fastest-growing business is now “Platform and Other” as the shape of the enterprise cloud continues to evolve. As shown in the graphic above from Salesforce’s fiscal-Q1 earnings presentation (it’s slide #8), the business unit called Platform and Other
A logo sign for Microsoft, which just announced new acquisitions in the telecom space

Microsoft Flexes Trillion-Dollar Muscles: Competitors Sweat, Customers Swoon

May 18, 2020
Over the past year, we heard a great deal from SAP about the huge volumes of business it was doing in close partnership with Microsoft to move massive SAP workloads to the Azure cloud. But last week, SAP CEO Christian Klein said he’s ready to aggressively defend his company’s role as the lead supplier in
Table comparing Q1 cloud revenue for Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud

Q1 Cloud Revenue Roundup: Microsoft, AWS and Google Total $26.3 Billion

May 5, 2020
The cloud industry’s 3 big hyperscalers generated Q1 revenue of $26.3 billion, with Microsoft contributing half of that and AWS and Google combining for the other $13 billion. Growth rates for all three cloud powerhouses continue to be impressive as well:  Google Cloud (#4 on the Cloud Wars Top 10) at 52%; Microsoft (#1 on
Cloud Wars 2020 cloud revenue projections

Microsoft & Amazon Lead Top 5 Beyond $150 Billion in Cloud Revenue in 2020

April 30, 2020
Despite the massive economic toll being wrought by COVID-19, Microsoft’s strong Q1 cloud-revenue growth indicates that the 5 largest cloud vendors could defy the pandemic’s impact and generate cloud revenue of $150 billion in 2020. This is admittedly a totally speculative endeavor, but I think it’s worthwhile given the vast uncertainty about what’s in store
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian announced yesterday the company's Q1 cloud revenue

Google Outpaces Microsoft, Amazon in Cloud-Revenue Growth at 52%

April 29, 2020
Sparked by strong demand for IaaS, analytics and industry-specific solutions, Google Cloud Q1 revenue surged 52% in Q1 as its growth rate again came in significantly higher than much-larger competitors Microsoft and Amazon’s AWS. Google Cloud posted Q1 revenue of $2.8 billion, following its equally strong Q4 figure of $2.6 billion, up 53%.  The Q1
CEO Satya Nadella has led Microsoft to cloud revenue dominance over Amazon

Microsoft Will Stomp Amazon in Cloud Revenue, but Media Will Insist Amazon #1 in Cloud

April 27, 2020
It’s quarterly earnings time for Microsoft and Amazon. That means it’s also time for the media to continue telling you that although Microsoft’s cloud revenue is 25% larger than Amazon’s, Amazon is somehow the “runaway” leader in the cloud. First, some facts. And then we’ll explore the fantasies around this utterly bizarre infatuation that most
IBM CEO Arvind Krishna, who recently spoke on the company's Q1 earnings call

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Shares Powerful Vision for $1.2 Trillion Hybrid Cloud

April 21, 2020
IBM CEO Arvind Krishna yesterday laid out a clear and compelling strategy for how and why IBM’s $22-billion cloud business has become not only IBM’s engine for growth but also its strategic foundation for the next decade. Two weeks into his new role, Krishna used yesterday’s Q1 earnings call to address two enormous issues. First,