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Trillion-Dollar Cloud: McKinsey Raves about Cloud’s Massive Potential

October 18, 2021
Projecting a $1-trillion dividend for companies that leverage the full capabilities of the cloud, a report from McKinsey & Co. says that massive prize might be just chickenfeed compared to when businesses begin fully deploying the cloud to drive “the adoption of emergent technologies such as augmented reality and blockchain.” In Cloud’s trillion-dollar prize is
SAP CEO Christian Klein speaks in a video presentation about Q2 numbers, Oracle and more

SAP Slaps Back at Larry Ellison: ‘Hundreds’ of Q2 Wins Over Oracle

August 9, 2021
If it’s true that the biggest winners in the Cloud Wars are the customers who benefit from all that savage competition, then businesses evaluating SAP and Oracle are grabbing the gold as SAP claims to have whipped its longtime rival for hundreds of Q2 competitive wins. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, SAP
Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud CEO

Google Becomes World’s Hottest Cloud Vendor with Q2 Blowout

July 29, 2021
Delivering an astonishing Q2, Google Cloud spiked its revenue by 54% and slashed its losses by 59% to make a powerful case that it is the world’s hottest vendor in the greatest growth market the world has ever seen. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Google Cloud is #3. But given this performance,
SAP exec speaks onstage about ERP and competition with Oracle

SAP Loses Ground to Oracle in Cloud ERP Despite S/4HANA Cloud Up 39%

July 23, 2021
While SAP is rightfully proud that its S/4HANA Cloud ERP business jumped 39% in Q2, Oracle’s competing product grew even faster at 46% for the quarter ended May 31. While the revenue figures involved here are currently not that large relative to some of the whopping numbers generated in more-mature categories for the Cloud Wars
IBM conference signs show industry-specific cloud offerings

IBM Jumps Salesforce to Join Microsoft, Amazon in Cloud Revenue Top 3

July 20, 2021
With solid if unspectacular Q2 cloud revenue up 13% to $7 billion, IBM has pushed past Salesforce to join Microsoft and Amazon as the world’s top 3 cloud-revenue generators. While that’s an impressive achievement by IBM, on my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings the company continues to hold the #9 spot, primarily due to
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian talks hypergrowth and more

Google Cloud Surges Toward Profitability, Propelled by Hypergrowth

July 19, 2021
While Google Cloud did indeed lose $5.61 billion in calendar 2020, the high-flying cloud provider is rapidly narrowing its losses and stands an excellent chance of becoming profitable by this time next year. Driven by revenue hypergrowth averaging 46.4% over the past 5 quarters, Google Cloud is #3 on my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10
Photos of Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison

Market-Cap Madness: Oracle Leapfrogs Salesforce on Cloud Surge

July 13, 2021
Just 10 months after the market was stating that Salesforce was 40% more valuable than Oracle, Larry Ellison and his revitalized cloud business have pushed Oracle’s market cap almost 10% higher than Salesforce’s.  On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Salesforce is #4 and Oracle is #6. I’d also like to point out that

Will Microsoft Whip Google & Amazon in Combined Q2 Cloud Revenue Again?

July 12, 2021
Just to be clear about who’s #1 in the cloud, late this month we’ll find out if Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services are finally able to have combined cloud revenue equal to or greater than Microsoft’s for Q2. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Microsoft is the longtime #1, Amazon is longtime
Oracle CEO Safra Catz speaks effusively about Q4 results

Oracle CEO Safra Catz More Bullish Than I’ve Ever Seen: 10 Examples

June 18, 2021
While always intensely prepared and utterly unflappable during Oracle earnings calls, CEO Safra Catz was far more bullish than I can ever recall during Oracle’s Q4 call on June 15. Calling Q4 “fantastic” and “incredible” and reflective of a “global phenomenon, Catz also noted in an understated way at the end of the call that
Oracle chairman Larry Ellison talks ERP revenue

Larry Ellison Shows His Cards: Oracle ERP Revenue Could Reach $30B

June 16, 2021
Reveling in a blowout fiscal Q4 that saw Fusion ERP revenue soar 46%, Oracle chairman Larry Ellison said Fusion ERP could ultimately become a $20-billion business and Oracle’s NetSuite ERP could eventually reach $10 billion in revenue. On my Cloud Wars Top 10 weekly rankings, Oracle is #6 and certainly strengthened its case with Q4