SAP’s Brilliant Transformation: And They’ve Only Just Begun

April 25, 2019

Six months ago when SAP announced plans to buy Qualtrics for $8 billion, the ankle-biters screeched, “They’re paying way too much!”Three months ago when SAP announced it was going to churn a tiny percentage of its workforce to ensure it could bring in top-priority skills for the future, the nickel-counters howled, “They’re gutting the company!”

IBM looks to become a cloud-first company

IBM Goes All-In on the Cloud

April 18, 2019

With its $19.5-billion enterprise cloud being pretty much the only growth driver across its massive products and services landscape, IBM is restructuring its strategy and operations to become a cloud-first company in preparation for the final approval of its acquisition of Red Hat later this year.

The Top 10 Cloud Vendors By Growth Rate

April 3, 2019

After we recently posted our list of the 10 largest cloud vendors by revenue, some readers asked about growth rates among the Cloud Wars Top 10. Since we’re always eager to engage with such questions, here are some compelling figures on the major cloud vendors’ growth rates.

The Top 10 Cloud Vendors by Revenue: Splitting a $120-Billion Pie

March 13, 2019

As one of the greatest growth markets in the tech industry’s history is just beginning to hit its stride, the 10 biggest enterprise-cloud vendors racked up total revenue of almost $120 billion during 2018, led by #1 Microsoft at $32.2 billion, #2 Amazon at $25.7 billion, and #3 IBM at $19.2 billion. The biggest surprise

Why Salesforce Is the World’s #1 SaaS Vendor: 360-Degree Scale

March 6, 2019

While many SaaS vendors are performing extremely well these days in the Cloud Wars, the largest of them all by far, Salesforce, continues to execute at a pace and on a scale that others can so far only dream about. Having just closed the books on $13-billion year, and with plans to double that in

Partner Program

How Microsoft’s Revolutionary Partner Program Is Driving Hypergrowth in the Cloud

February 14, 2019

Microsoft’s powerful hold on the #1 spot in the Cloud Wars has been driven by not only its highly differentiated technology but also by a truly transformational go-to-market strategy that’s turning traditional roles, expectations and outcomes upside-down. At a time when—c’mon, say it with me!—”every company is now a technology company,” then what those companies currently

Amazon Cloud

#1 Microsoft vs. #2 Amazon: Numbers Prove Who Rules the Cloud

February 12, 2019

For reasons I can’t fully fathom, many folks in and around the tech business continue to believe—mistakenly—that Amazon is the king of the enterprise cloud, when in fact Microsoft’s cloud business is significantly larger than Amazon’s and is growing more rapidly. Those aren’t opinions, they’re not estimates, and they’re not interpretations: those are facts. So