Microsoft partner TD Bank shares how it's delivering great customer experience

From Financial Services to Manufacturing, Here’s the #1 Priority for CEOs

April 24, 2019
As the digital revolution sweeps across every industry, the #1 business priority for CEOs has become creating and delivering great customer experiences. Specifically, experiences fashioned around what buyers want and need, rather than on what’s convenient for the seller. Look at these three recent examples from very different companies: TD Bank Group’s Customer-Focused Innovation TD
Uphoff on Industry episode 1

Automation & Blockchain: U.S. Manufacturing Is Back! | Uphoff on Industry

April 19, 2019
Each month, seasoned executive Tony Uphoff joins Cloud Wars Live for a recurring segment. "Uphoff on Industry" will explore the innovations, upheavals, and breakthroughs reshaping the the world of manufacturing and industrial markets. Join monthly guest Tony Uphoff, CEO of, and me as we discuss disruptive new trends in the digital-industrial world: not just
Sadin on Digital: The New ERP

Outsource Software, Not Brains | Sadin on Digital | Cloud Wars Live

April 11, 2019
"Wayne Sadin on Digital Strategy" episodes will explore the fast-changing and high-stakes world of digital business. We'll focus on what CEOs and boards must do to lead their companies successfully into the Digital Age. Today, we talk about how companies large and small can harness the power, capability and flexibility of new and emerging ERP

Inside Google Cloud’s Resurgence: 10 Key Messages from CEO Thomas Kurian

April 11, 2019
Great expectations can be a crushing burden for some businesses and some leaders. But Google Cloud and CEO Thomas Kurian are about to wrap up up not just a hugely successful global customer conference with Next '19, but also what has to be seen as a massive relaunch of a brand eager to move from

Inside SAP and Microsoft’s New Digital-Manufacturing Initiatives

April 5, 2019
In parallel but separate initiatives, both SAP and Microsoft are triggering new open-standards efforts to enhance data portability and systems compatibility across warehouses, factories and logistics networks. The broad-based and customer-connected moves by two of the world’s largest and most-influential software companies will boost the digital capabilities across a range of industrial sectors. This is
Dean Del Vecchio sat down with me to talk about transformation with AWS

The Customer-Centric CIO: How Dean Del Vecchio Created Culture of Innovation

April 4, 2019
Born in 1860, Guardian Life has begun championing such new-fangled notions as companywide innovation challenges, office designs in the style of Google’s and Amazon’s, and the compelling notion that Guardian’s primary competitor is not another insurer but rather a consumer’s latest digital experience. Without question, executive VP, chief of operations and CIO Dean Del Vecchio
Andreas Larsson of Electrolux on Cloud Wars Live

Andreas Larsson: Electrolux Introduces RCaaS (Robot Cleaning as a Service!)

April 3, 2019
In this Cloud Wars Live interview, we talk with Andreas Larsson of Electrolux. Electrolux is a 100-year-old Swedish company whose products include washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners. As the Engineering Director, Andreas and his team use agile and lean principles to develop high quality products and services that help customers be more successful.

Why Customers Love AWS: Enabling Major Transformation at Guardian Life

April 1, 2019
When Dean Del Vecchio joined 159-year-old Guardian Life Insurance as a top executive five years ago, he discovered that the company’s first policy-administration system was still functioning. “In 1967, before we put a man on the moon, we built our first policy-admin system. I like to say the good news is it's still running and
Dean Del Vecchio

Dean Del Vecchio: Total Transformation of Culture, Tech, and Capabilities

March 29, 2019
In this Cloud Wars Live interview, we talk with Dean Del Vecchio. Dean is EVP, CIO, and Chief of Operations at Guardian Life, an insurance and wealth management firm. Like many other companies in today's fast-changing digital world, Guardian is undertaking digital transformation. In our conversation, Dean and I discuss the sweeping nature of the
The Cloud customers Dave O’Hara

Microsoft Exec on Cloud Market: Not Quite “Limitless” But “Lots of Runway”

March 27, 2019
Large businesses are accelerating their cloud commitments so dramatically that they’ve begun “pulling” Microsoft into new areas. The CFO of Microsoft’s commercial business recently told investors that “I don’t know if I would go so far as to say limitless, but there’s a lot of runway.” In an interview at the Morgan Stanley investors conference