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Trillion-Dollar Cloud: McKinsey Raves about Cloud’s Massive Potential

October 18, 2021
Projecting a $1-trillion dividend for companies that leverage the full capabilities of the cloud, a report from McKinsey & Co. says that massive prize might be just chickenfeed compared to when businesses begin fully deploying the cloud to drive “the adoption of emergent technologies such as augmented reality and blockchain.” In Cloud’s trillion-dollar prize is
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BMC President and CEO Ayman Sayed: Bullish on the Digital Future

February 3, 2021
For this episode of Cloud Wars Live, I talked with BMC President and CEO Ayman Sayed. Ayman and I discussed digital business, digital transformation, end-to-end visibility and the need for companies to use data and digital technologies to interconnect all parts of the enterprise. We also talked about how BMC's mainframe heritage helps it in
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10 Steps to Building Optimized Supply Chains in a Post-Pandemic World

November 19, 2020
  Article by Grant Howe. Grant Howe is CTO at ECI, a leader in industry-specific cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for more than 30 years. This article originally appeared on the ECI website.      While the most-devastating ravages of COVID-19 have passed, the new and disruptive ways of conducting digital business spawned by the
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Can Salesforce Become the Next Trillion-Dollar Company?

September 5, 2020
(Editor’s note: This article by Jiri Kram was originally published on LinkedIn on Aug. 30. Jiri has published several articles here at Cloud Wars over the past six months, and as with all of his other insightful and compelling pieces, this article reflects Jiri’s informed views and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cloud
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How Microsoft Is Helping Drive Biggest Transformation in Automotive History

July 23, 2020
As the worldwide automotive industry reimagines and recreates itself from end to end, Microsoft and the Azure Cloud are playing fundamental roles that reflect a striking revolution within Microsoft itself. For a century, steel, manufacturing muscle and oil powered the automotive industry as car companies designed and built gas-powered vehicles owned by individuals and businesses.
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COVID Crisis May Bring a Cloud Moment for the Banking Industry

June 19, 2020
Editor’s note: This article comes from contributor Jiri Kram, a solution architect who studied Fintech at MIT and specializes in cloud computing and blockchain. He is a highly respected commentator on LinkedIn, where he originally published this piece on June 15. This article marks Jiri’s fifth appearance on Cloud Wars. (Read his first four articles
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who has a grand vision for digital transformation

Microsoft Top 10 Customers for Digital Transformation: the Satya Nadella Touch

May 26, 2020
As FedEx and Microsoft tackle the decidedly nontrivial goal of redefining commerce, FedEx becomes the latest in a string of global corporations that have paired up with Satya Nadella & Co. to totally transform not only themselves but entire industries. That’s ambition and vision on a staggering scale. If Microsoft can pull off victories in
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Some Will Come Out Stronger, Some Will Crash and Burn | Araujo on Transformation

April 24, 2020
Each month, "Araujo on Transformation" episodes feature conversations with Charles Araujo, founder of the Institute for Digital Transformation. We all hear a lot (too much?) about Digital Transformation, but Charles is working to ground that platitude in reality. An engaging speaker and best-selling author, Charles is spreading the gospel of business change through an equally
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SAP Has Twice as Many Cloud ERP Customers as Oracle: Exclusive Co-CEO Interview

April 6, 2020
SAP is decisively outperforming rival Oracle in cloud ERP as business customers are demanding intelligent end-to-end cloud solutions fusing HCM, procurement, spend management and other formerly siloed processes, SAP co-CEO Christian Klein said in an exclusive Cloud Wars interview. While Klein’s perspectives on customer momentum in the red-hot cloud ERP marketplace are certainly intriguing, the
Cloud Wars Perspectives: Nutanix on why on-premises tech is still popular

Reports of the End of On-Premises IT Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

March 12, 2020
The cloud-computing boom is turning out to be one of the greatest growth markets the tech industry has ever seen. CEOs and boards of directors are pushing their CIOs to be more aggressive about moving to the cloud. Transformational new technologies like AI and ML are optimized for deployment in cloud environments. So with all