Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian

Google Cloud Stellar Performance Triggers Special Status from Alphabet

November 6, 2020
While Google Cloud generated only 7.5% of parent-company Alphabet’s $46.2 billion in Q3 revenue, the cloud unit’s surging growth and massive potential have spurred Alphabet to begin breaking out Google Cloud’s financial results in a separate reporting segment. (On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Google Cloud is #4 after beginning the year at
SAP CEO Christian Klein

SAP: After Brutal Q3, Will it Stumble Again or Bounce Back Boldly?

November 3, 2020
Is SAP’s Q3 nightmare that zapped $35 billion in market-cap value a harbinger of deep troubles, or will the company be able to rally behind the customer-centric vision of CEO Christian Klein and emerge as a true cloud powerhouse? (SAP is #5 on my Cloud Wars Top 10 weekly rankings.) As is so often the
ServiceNow becoming high-growth global powerhouse

As Oracle, Salesforce and SAP Fight for Future, Can ServiceNow Tip the Scales?

November 2, 2020
As Bill McDermott has flipped ServiceNow from a fast-growing niche player to a high-growth global powerhouse, he’s made it very clear that he has no quarrel with the traditional enterprise-software vendors such as SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce. (On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, ServiceNow is #9, SAP is #5, Oracle is #6, and
Microsoft fiscal Q1 earnings call show they are cloud leader

#1 Microsoft Still Rules the Cloud: 5 Numbers Show Why

October 28, 2020
If there was any lingering doubt about whether Microsoft or Amazon is the biggest and most-influential enterprise-cloud vendor in the world, Microsoft’s stellar Q1 results have blown those questions to bits. (On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, #1 Microsoft has held the top spot for the past couple of years after pushing #2
Cloud Wars advice to IBM CEO Arvind Krishna ahead of Q3 earnings announcement

IBM Q3 Earnings: 5 Key Issues CEO Arvind Krishna Should Address

October 16, 2020
IBM releases its Q3 financial results on Monday and I’m hoping that CEO Arvind Krishna, who’s been in that top spot for 6-1/2 turbulent months, will use that public forum to clarify some key issues essential to IBM’s future. First, some quick perspective: on my Cloud Wars Top 10 weekly rankings, IBM is #7. And
Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen discusses company's future with Digital Experience enterprise

Can High-Flying Adobe Go Toe-to-Toe with Salesforce in Enterprise?

September 23, 2020
As Adobe’s consumer-facing businesses soar, CEO Shantanu Narayen continues to voice great enthusiasm for the company’s Digital Experience enterprise business despite 2% growth in Q3 and no-growth guidance for next quarter. For all of its sweeping success on the consumer side, Adobe faces a number of challenges in becoming a powerhouse in the CRM space.
Larry Ellison claims Oracle can rise to the top of the IaaS Market

Larry Ellison’s 10-Point Plan for Oracle to Beat Amazon, Microsoft, Google

September 21, 2020
Amazon’s IaaS revenue is probably about 30x bigger than Oracle’s, Microsoft’s IaaS revenue is probably 15x bigger than Oracle’s, and Google’s IaaS revenue is probably 2x bigger than Oracle’s.  So with Oracle holding such miniscule cloud-infrastructure market share compared to each of the three heavyweights, why are we hearing all this commotion about Oracle becoming
Oracle CEO Safra Catz discusses future of Oracle Cloud

Oracle CEO Safra Catz: Blockbuster Quarter Shows Surge to Oracle Cloud Has Begun

September 16, 2020
While Oracle’s stunning emergence as a cloud-infrastructure player might well be due to a range of complex factors, it might also be the result of this uncomplicated dynamic cited by CEO Safra Catz: “More and more of our customers want to bring their Oracle databases to the Oracle Cloud.” On my Cloud Wars Top 10
Larry Ellison Reorients Oracle Cloud Strategy

The Audacious Larry Ellison Flips Oracle Cloud Strategy Upside-Down

September 14, 2020
Three years ago, if you said infrastructure would be the primary driver in Oracle’s cloud business, you would have been laughed out of town. (On my Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Oracle is #6.) Two years ago, if you had said that Larry Ellison would soon be using world-leading infrastructure technology to snatch huge cloud
Oracle chairman Larry Ellison, who will speak on Thursday's earnings call

Oracle Q1 Earnings: Why Larry Ellison Will Hammer Amazon, SAP and Workday

September 8, 2020
A couple of years ago, Oracle earnings calls were long on Larry Ellison’s visions of overtaking Salesforce as the world’s leading SaaS provider, and short on details of exactly how Ellison planned to become a legitimate player in cloud infrastructure. But later this week when Oracle (#6 on the Cloud Wars Top 10) releases its