Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai explains how Google Cloud might catch Amazon

If Google Wants to Catch Amazon in the Cloud, M&A Is the Key

February 5, 2020
While Google Cloud reported an impressive 53% growth rate for Q4 and an annualized run rate of $10.4 billion, the law of bigger numbers reveals that the only way it can catch #2 Amazon in the cloud is through aggressive M&A. As the below graphic reveals in detail, even if Google Cloud can maintain growth
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian is making moves against Microsoft and Amazon

Google Cloud Intensifies Battles Against Microsoft, Amazon with 4 Key Moves

January 21, 2020
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian is buying and building new firepower to snatch customers, prospects and market share from Microsoft and Amazon in the viciously competitive enterprise-cloud marketplace. While each of these moves is significant, the true impact is how they cumulatively reveal Google Cloud’s true intention of becoming not just a better version of
Cloud Wars analyzes Google Cloud's 2020 challenge: outflanking Amazon in software

Google Cloud’s 2020 Challenge: Outflank Amazon with Software Solutions

January 13, 2020
(Another installment in our series exploring the primary challenges faced by the Cloud Wars Top 10 vendors in 2020.)   One of the most intense 2020 battles in the Cloud Wars will be #6 Google Cloud’s resurgent efforts to snatch IaaS and PaaS market share away from #2 Amazon while also creating an entirely new
Cloud Wars Top 10 stories of 2019

The Top 10 Cloud Wars Stories of 2019

December 23, 2019
In a year crammed with bold moves into new categories, high-profile executive changes, extraordinary customer transformations, and energetic new approaches from “legacy” players, 2019’s biggest overall story of all is the enterprise cloud becoming the world’s leading platform for innovation, growth, and digital rebirth. Across industries, geographies, and strategic imperatives, the cloud this year blew
Cloud Wars Live: Wayne Sadin 2020 memo

2020 Memo: Fake Cloud, Blockchain and Ransomware | Sadin on Digital

December 18, 2019
“Sadin on Digital” episodes explore the fast-changing and high-stakes world of digital business. Wayne Sadin and I focus in particular on what CEOs and boards must do to lead their companies successfully into the Digital Age. Today, we talk 2020. Wayne shares his predictions, ideas and recommendations for boards and the C-suite. Episode 10 In
Cloud Wars CEO of the Year 2019: Thomas Kurian

Cloud Wars CEO of the Year: Thomas Kurian of Google Cloud | Our Interview

December 10, 2019
Thomas Kurian is the Cloud Wars CEO of the Year for 2019. In just his first year at the helm, Kurian has helped fashion Google Cloud into a powerhouse that has not only all of the requisite capabilities of a world-class vendor but also leading skills and technologies in ML, AI, analytics, cybersecurity, hybrid cloud
Cloud Wars CEO of the Year 2019 Thomas Kurian

The CEO of the Year Is Google Cloud’s Thomas Kurian

December 9, 2019
Since taking over as CEO at Google Cloud in January 2019, Thomas Kurian has relentlessly exhorted his company to complement its superb technology with a deep sense of empathy for customers’ problems and their aspirations. Driving that type of cultural change is enormously challenging in any environment, and particularly so in an organization as large
Top 3 2020 tech battles: the Cloud Wars preview

Top 3 Tech Battles in 2020: Microsoft vs. Google, Salesforce vs. SAP, Amazon vs. Oracle

December 2, 2019
As cloud computing becomes the dominant platform for digital business in 2020 and beyond, the world’s six most-influential cloud vendors will engage in three separate and intense competitive tech battles in 2020. Each has huge implications for the vendors' business customers. These high-stakes clashes will impact hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe, as
Rohan Kumar explains Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics at Ignite 2019

Microsoft Torches Google and Amazon on Big-Data Benchmarks, Says Microsoft

November 12, 2019
During a recent keynote talk by CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft said its new Azure Synapse analytics service executed a complex query 75 times faster than Google’s BigQuery service, and another query 3 times faster than Amazon’s Red Shift. Now, before you think this is nothing more than measuring the quantity of angels dancing on pinheads,
Microsoft Amazon and others are battling for AI leadership in the Cloud Wars

The Battle for AI Leadership: #1 Microsoft, #2 Amazon, #6 Google, #7 IBM Step Up

November 6, 2019
As AI and ML become mainstream business tools in the digital economy, four of the world’s most-influential companies with combined revenue of about $550 billion are each aggressively rolling out new AI-driven solutions that will change how the world works. Those four companies have a longstanding presence on my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings.