Table showing the 10 largest industry cloud vendors, Salesforce as #1 and Oracle and SAP behind

How Oracle and SAP Could Put a Big Hurt on Salesforce

October 11, 2021
While everything is possible and while Oracle and SAP could theoretically topple Salesforce as CRM kingpin, where Oracle and SAP could really put a hurt on Salesforce’s latest booster rocket is in the booming industry-cloud market. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Salesforce is #4, SAP is #5 and Oracle is #6. But
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff talks industry cloud revenue

Salesforce Industry Cloud Revenue Soars 58% to $790 Million

September 1, 2021
With fiscal-Q2 industry-cloud revenue up 58% to almost $800 million, Salesforce’s vertical-market solutions now account for 12.44% of Salesforce’s total revenue, underscoring their emergence as a mainstream part of the business. On my Industry Cloud Top 10 rankings, Salesforce has been #1 since I established the rankings 6 months ago. On that list, Google Cloud
Amazon-Workday and Google Cloud logos

Amazon-Workday Kerfuffle: Big Winners Are Workday and Google Cloud

August 13, 2021
As the twin forces of disruption and innovation drive massive change across the global digital economy, Workday’s recent reset with Amazon and subsequent strategic engagement with Google Cloud underscore the burning need for cloud-ecosystem nimbleness. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Workday is #8, Amazon is #2, and Google Cloud is #3. A
Infor CTO and president of products Soma Somasundaram

Infor Pumping Hundreds of Millions into Industry Cloud Efforts

July 8, 2021
Infor expects to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into its industry-cloud ERP products following the sale of its enterprise-asset management business for about $2.75 billion, including $800 million in cash. Currently #6 on the Industry Cloud Top 10, Infor raised its profile earlier this year when CEO Kevin Samuelson disclosed that its industry-cloud business
Industry Cloud Top 10 rankings for July 2021

Microsoft Jumps to #4 on Industry Cloud Top 10 via AT&T 5G Stunner

July 6, 2021
The world’s largest and most-influential cloud provider is now flexing its muscles in the industry-cloud space so I’ve moved Microsoft up to #4 on my Industry Cloud Top 10 rankings following its acquisition of AT&T’s 5G mobile network. Since I launched the Industry Cloud Top 10 rankings a few months ago, Microsoft has held the
Leaders from Microsoft and AT&T announce their new 5G cloud deal

Microsoft Cuts Loose the Dogs of War in AT&T 5G Cloud Deal

July 1, 2021
Cloaked within Microsoft’s carefully worded press release about AT&T moving its 5G mobile network to the Azure for Operators cloud is the stark reality that one of the world’s wealthiest and most-innovative companies has just become deadly serious about transforming entire industries.  (And I’m referring to Microsoft, not AT&T.) On my weekly Cloud Wars Top
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast episode with Oliver Bussmann

Industry Clouds “Fantastic Opportunity!” | Oliver Bussmann

June 28, 2021
Oliver Bussmann is a world-renowned expert specializing on the intersection of technology and business with particular expertise in financial services, and is now CEO of Bussmann Advisory AG. Having been both a CIO and a COO, Oliver has held senior positions at UBS, SAP, Allianz, Deutsche Bank and IBM. Stream my conversation with Oliver to
Screenshot of Oracle EVP Mike Sicilia explaining industry cloud suites on video

Oracle Challenges SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce over Industry-Cloud Suites

June 25, 2021
As every major SaaS player surges into the red-hot market for industry clouds and industry-specific solutions, Oracle is cranking up the heat by offering complete suites of vertical-market applications. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Oracle is #6. But on my Industry Cloud Top 10, Oracle is #3—and this new achievement will likely
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with Howard Boville of IBM

IBM + SAP: Experience = Speed | Howard Boville, IBM Hybrid Cloud SVP

June 9, 2021
Howard Boville left his job as CTO at Bank of America about a year ago to join IBM as senior VP of hybrid cloud. Boville sat down with Cloud Wars Live to discuss the big changes he’s been driving at IBM Cloud, the booming market for industry clouds that he’s been aggressively championing within IBM
Microsoft corporate VP Alysa Taylor, who heads up a new group created by reorganization

Microsoft Reorganization Merges Data and AI with Apps and Industries

May 28, 2021
Converting technology silos into integrated customer-solution teams, Microsoft has moved its data, AI and mixed-reality businesses into the high-growth Industries and Business Applications unit under corporate VP Alysa Taylor. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Microsoft has been #1 for 2-1/2 years. On our new Industry Cloud Top 10, Microsoft is currently #6—but