Cloud Wars logo, representing our analysis of a recent Microsoft correction about an Azure surge

Microsoft Pushes Fake News then Lame ‘Correction’ re Bogus 775% Surge

April 3, 2020
Yes, we all make mistakes, and yes, right now is a particularly stressful time—I get all that. So the fact that Microsoft recently made an error—a remarkably huge error—in a blog post describing the supposedly superb resilience of its cloud services is understandable. Deeply embarrassing, given the nature of its error, but understandable. Because, as we’ve
Cloud Wars logo and text, Tech's Response to COVID-19: Microsoft and Amazon leadership

Microsoft, Amazon and Salesforce’s Exceptional Leadership in Confronting COVID-19

March 26, 2020
While many of the world’s leading tech companies continue to make meaningful and enduring contributions to the battle against COVID-19, the three companies whose efforts have been most significant are Microsoft, Amazon and Salesforce. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that their standout leadership and innovative approaches during the unprecedented global COVID-19 crisis mirror their
The logo for Microsoft Teams, which is growing by millions of users per day

WFH Revolution Making Microsoft Teams Global Phenomenon; Millions Added Daily

March 24, 2020
As the work-from-home and learn-from-home revolutions take hold across the globe in the wake of COVID-19, Microsoft Teams collaboration software could be growing more rapidly than any enterprise application in history. Let me state the perfectly obvious up front. A global pandemic is an incredibly unwelcome and unwanted trigger for such a phenomenon. No one
Cloud Wars Logo with text, Tech's Response to COVID-19: Microsoft and SAP CEOs speak

As COVID-19 Rages, Microsoft & SAP CEOs Share Messages of Gratitude, Empathy, Hope

March 23, 2020
(This is the latest in a series on how leading tech companies are supporting and encouraging employees, customers and extended communities in the time of Coronavirus.)   As COVID-19 continued wreaking havoc on billions of people across the globe late last week, the CEOs of SAP and Microsoft shared powerful messages of commitment, hope, thanks
Portrait of Microsoft CFO Amy Hood

Microsoft Is #1 in the Cloud, and CFO Amy Hood Is Bullish on the Future

March 6, 2020
Speaking at an investors conference earlier this week, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood offered a range of insights into the company’s strategy while calling out particularly strong performances “across each of our cloud properties” and in Windows for security. In a Q&A session with Morgan Stanley lead software analyst Keith Weiss, Hood consistently expressed her optimism
Frame from a Microsoft teams TV ad, part of its recent marketing blitz

Microsoft Launches Marketing Blitz as Teams Blows Past 20 Million Users

February 20, 2020
Eager to capitalize on the “phenomenal” adoption of its Teams collaboration suite, Microsoft has kicked off an aggressive TV-advertising campaign for Teams to overcome low awareness for both the category and the suite itself. In the context of the Cloud Wars, this is a powerful move. Teams and Office 365 Commercial have become high-volume on-ramps
Table showing the top 5 cloud vendors based on 2019 revenue

Who Are the World’s Top 5 Cloud Vendors Ranked by 2019 Revenue?

February 18, 2020
While revenue is just one of many measures we use in setting our weekly Cloud Wars Top 10, it’s fascinating to see that in terms of raw dollars, IBM grabs third place in a ranking of the top 5 vendors by 2019 cloud revenue. IBM has been at #7 on the Cloud Wars Top 10
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says that tech spending will double in the next decade

Tech Spending Is Set to Explode, Says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

February 7, 2020
As the digital economy takes hold and the cloud and ML power business innovation at an unprecedented scale, today’s robust IT budgets pale in comparison to what’s coming over the next several years. “Tech spending as a percentage of GDP is projected to double over the next decade,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said last week.