Inside Walmart’s Digital Transformation: 30 Tangible Steps on its Journey

February 22, 2019

Seven months ago, when Walmart and Microsoft signed a massive 5-year deal to drive sweeping modernization and change across the world’s largest company, CIO Clay Johnson said his primary goal was to accelerate the digital transformation of a company with 2 million employees and daily revenue of about $137 million. And this week, as Walmart

Google Cloud Takes On Microsoft in Race for 2 Billion New Users

February 19, 2019

Google Cloud, looking to differentiate itself and raise its profile in the hotly contested enterprise-cloud market, is going right up against market leader Microsoft in the quest to deliver mobile collaboration and communication tools to 2 billion “firstline” workers currently using little or no enterprise tech. For close to a year, Microsoft—starting with CEO Satya

Thomas Kurian

Watch Out, Microsoft and Amazon: Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian Plans To Be #1

February 15, 2019

In a compelling overview of Google Cloud’s strategic direction and technological strengths, new CEO Thomas Kurian revealed that Google Cloud’s already established significant presence in about half of the world’s top 10 companies in retail, in media, in financial services, in manufacturing, and in automobiles. And showcasing his belief that such levels of penetration are

Partner Program

How Microsoft’s Revolutionary Partner Program Is Driving Hypergrowth in the Cloud

February 14, 2019

Microsoft’s powerful hold on the #1 spot in the Cloud Wars has been driven by not only its highly differentiated technology but also by a truly transformational go-to-market strategy that’s turning traditional roles, expectations and outcomes upside-down. At a time when—c’mon, say it with me!—”every company is now a technology company,” then what those companies currently

Amazon Cloud

#1 Microsoft vs. #2 Amazon: Numbers Prove Who Rules the Cloud

February 12, 2019

For reasons I can’t fully fathom, many folks in and around the tech business continue to believe—mistakenly—that Amazon is the king of the enterprise cloud, when in fact Microsoft’s cloud business is significantly larger than Amazon’s and is growing more rapidly. Those aren’t opinions, they’re not estimates, and they’re not interpretations: those are facts. So

Why Microsoft Is #1 in the Cloud: 10 Key Insights

February 4, 2019

With its commercial-cloud business now generating almost one-third of its total calendar-2018 revenue of $104 billion, Microsoft is pulling away from mighty Amazon and every other competitor in the Cloud Wars as its hybrid architecture, broad product lineup, bold M&A moves and innovative go-to-market plans continue to drive hypergrowth in the cloud even at its

Microsoft Holds #1 Spot in Cloud over #2 Amazon as 2018 Cloud Revenue Hits $32.2 Billion

January 31, 2019

While Amazon remains the undisputed king of public cloud IaaS, Microsoft’s broader set of across-the-cloud services pushed Microsoft’s commercial-cloud revenue for 2018 to $32.2 billion and have given it an insurmountable lead as the world’s largest cloud provider over Amazon, whose numbers come out tomorrow. To match the Microsoft 2018 cloud revenue total of $32.2

last chance

The Ultimate Digital Transformation: Microsoft Helps Kroger Become Tech Company

January 23, 2019

In a superb example of true digital transformation, grocery giant Kroger is morphing into a technology company that develops and sells modern cloud-based solutions and services to other retail companies while also remaining America’s largest grocery retailer. Digital transformation always involves the overhaul and optimization of internal processes, but its true potential is realized when

As Amazon Battles with Retailers, Microsoft Leads Them into the Cloud

January 18, 2019

While I don’t blame Amazon one bit for turning the retail sector upside-down and competing aggressively for every available dollar, and while it’s no surprise that major retailers are avoiding Amazon Web Services like the plague, it’s still been striking to watch Microsoft’s recent run of blockbuster retail deals. As Amazon has become a global