Oracle focuses in on CX

Larry Ellison Takes on Salesforce and SAP as Oracle Intensifies CX Battle

October 26, 2020
After two decades of CRM being all about sales and marketing and nothing but, Oracle has joined SAP in leapfrogging that traditional approach dominated by Salesforce with CX portfolios that enrich business insights with data from ERP and HCM systems. (On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Salesforce is #3, SAP is #5, and
The impact of Oracle Exadata Cloud Service XM8

Larry Ellison’s Trojan Horse: Oracle Exadata in 86% of Fortune Global 100

October 19, 2020
Oracle’s recent disclosure that its Exadata Database Machine is running within 86 of the world’s largest corporations takes on huge significance now that the most-advanced version of Exadata is available in the cloud in every flavor a customer might want. If even half of those 86 corporations in the Fortune Global 100 decide to migrate
Oracle and Nvidia partner for AI solutions

Larry Ellison’s Next Trick: Oracle Cloud and Nvidia Unleash Mainstream AI

October 5, 2020
As Oracle Cloud continues to win new infrastructure customers by leveraging advanced technologies, OCI and chip partner Nvidia are offering new cloud services to make it simpler and faster for enterprises to deploy AI solutions. (On my Cloud Wars Top 10 weekly rankings, Oracle is #6.) As part of Oracle’s remarkable ascent in the cloud-infrastructure
Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft battle in the hybrid cloud market

Can Oracle Snatch Trillion-Dollar Hybrid Market from Microsoft and IBM?

September 30, 2020
It’s both ironic and perfectly fitting that three so-called “legacy” vendors are battling for leadership in the oh-so-modern and very massive hybrid-cloud market.  (On my Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Microsoft is #1, Oracle is #6, and IBM is #7.) It’s fitting because, after all, to really do hybrid right, you need enormous expertise in
Bill McDermott and ServiceNow making big market cap moves

Market-Cap Madness: ServiceNow at $90 Billion Halfway to Oracle and SAP at $180 Billion

September 28, 2020
While Oracle’s revenue is about 10 times larger than ServiceNow’s and SAP’s is about 8 times larger, ServiceNow’s $90-billion market cap is now about exactly half of that of those two world-class enterprise-software companies. Market capitalizations are those big numbers that not only show us where a company is today but also indicate where some
Larry Ellison claims Oracle can rise to the top of the IaaS Market

Larry Ellison’s 10-Point Plan for Oracle to Beat Amazon, Microsoft, Google

September 21, 2020
Amazon’s IaaS revenue is probably about 30x bigger than Oracle’s, Microsoft’s IaaS revenue is probably 15x bigger than Oracle’s, and Google’s IaaS revenue is probably 2x bigger than Oracle’s.  So with Oracle holding such miniscule cloud-infrastructure market share compared to each of the three heavyweights, why are we hearing all this commotion about Oracle becoming
Oracle CEO Safra Catz discusses future of Oracle Cloud

Oracle CEO Safra Catz: Blockbuster Quarter Shows Surge to Oracle Cloud Has Begun

September 16, 2020
While Oracle’s stunning emergence as a cloud-infrastructure player might well be due to a range of complex factors, it might also be the result of this uncomplicated dynamic cited by CEO Safra Catz: “More and more of our customers want to bring their Oracle databases to the Oracle Cloud.” On my Cloud Wars Top 10
Larry Ellison Reorients Oracle Cloud Strategy

The Audacious Larry Ellison Flips Oracle Cloud Strategy Upside-Down

September 14, 2020
Three years ago, if you said infrastructure would be the primary driver in Oracle’s cloud business, you would have been laughed out of town. (On my Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Oracle is #6.) Two years ago, if you had said that Larry Ellison would soon be using world-leading infrastructure technology to snatch huge cloud
SAP CFO Shoots Down Larry Ellison Claim of Oracle Snatching SAP Customers

SAP CFO Shoots Down Larry Ellison Claim of Oracle Snatching SAP Customers

September 10, 2020
SAP CFO Luka Mucic has unequivocally shot down claims made by Oracle chairman Larry Ellison during the past year that a huge SAP ERP customer was on the verge of defecting to Oracle, with many more certain to follow. “I have checked and we have not lost a single [ERP] customer” to Oracle, Mucic said
Oracle chairman Larry Ellison, who will speak on Thursday's earnings call

Oracle Q1 Earnings: Why Larry Ellison Will Hammer Amazon, SAP and Workday

September 8, 2020
A couple of years ago, Oracle earnings calls were long on Larry Ellison’s visions of overtaking Salesforce as the world’s leading SaaS provider, and short on details of exactly how Ellison planned to become a legitimate player in cloud infrastructure. But later this week when Oracle (#6 on the Cloud Wars Top 10) releases its