Logos for the cloud database leaders Snowflake, SAP, AWS, and Google Cloud

The Cloud Database Market Is Booming: 10 Key Developments

February 2, 2021
Cloud databases are off to a fast start in 2021, with a slew of significant new products, 9-figure investments, aggressive go-to-market moves and more in the past few weeks.  The level of activity is unlikely to let up. As businesses aggressively move growing portions of their IT environments to the cloud, database vendors of all
Qualtrics Chairman Ryan Smith

Qualtrics Founder Ryan Smith: ‘Nobody Else Has Ever Done Anything Like This!’

January 29, 2021
Lost in the glitz and glare of Qualtrics’ high-flying IPO and its creation of an unprecedented new equity relationship with former parent SAP is a rather stunning real-world fact: in the past 2 years, Qualtrics has onboarded 3,800 new customers. In a Zoom call I had yesterday with founder and chairman Ryan Smith and CEO
SAP CEO Christian Klein

Is SAP Ready to Drive the Digital Revolution? An Exclusive Chat with CEO Christian Klein

January 15, 2021
Last year, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse foretold the future of SAP—and it was all about wildly reimagined business models, co-innovation with customers, and modern vertical-industry solutions.  And data. Lots and lots of data. “He said, ‘Christian, you are sitting on such a big treasure—you have all the data on BMW from all of our suppliers!’
SAP CEO Christian Klein

SAP, Google, Oracle Battle over Industry-Specific Solutions: 5 Predictions

January 5, 2021
While savage competition will be the order of the day across all segments of the red-hot cloud industry, the battle for supremacy in industry-specific clouds will be the most intense because of their massive future revenue potential. Yes, the big hyperscalers will continue to pour billions into new capacity and will in return be fully
Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison speaking

Oracle-SAP Showdown: Is Larry Ellison Crying Wolf over Snatching SAP Customers?

December 17, 2020
Claiming yet again without a shred of proof that Oracle is oh-so-tantalizingly close to snatching some large SAP ERP customers, Oracle founder Larry Ellison appears to be auditioning for the lead role in a modern-day version of Aesop’s The Boy Who Cried Wolf.   You know the story: a bored kid assigned to watch over the
SAP CEO Christian Klein

SAP Rolls Out 3 High-Potential Weapons to Battle Oracle and Salesforce

December 7, 2020
Ready to turn its dreams of transcending traditional ERP into reality, SAP is ready to bring the full promise of the Intelligent Enterprise to life in 2021 with a range of new end-to-end solutions and capabilities precisely aligned with the emergence of the digital economy. Led by the rise of its rapidly expanding Industry Cloud
Oracle vs. SAP

Oracle Vs. SAP: Who Will Lead Hot New Market for Industry-Specific Solutions?

November 25, 2020
In a classic reflection of their decades-long rivalry, the leaders of both SAP and Oracle have recently claimed that his company is the one and only software maker capable of leading the booming demand for vertical-market enterprise applications. (On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, SAP is #5 and Oracle is #6.) SAP CEO
Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison

Oracle Takes on Google and SAP in Hot New Cloud Category

November 17, 2020
Going head-on against Google Cloud and SAP, Oracle plans to roll out a broad set of industry-specific cloud solutions starting with communications, pharmaceuticals and financial services. (On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Google Cloud is #4, SAP is #5, and Oracle is #6.) Oracle chairman Larry Ellison framed the move into specialized vertical-industry
CEO Thomas Kurian leads Google Cloud to the top of cloud vendors in growth

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Cloud Vendors: #1 Google, #2 Oracle, #3 Microsoft

November 16, 2020
As the enterprise cloud becomes the unquestioned foundation for the future of digital business, the 3 vendors whose cloud revenue is growing most rapidly in this booming market are Google at 44.8%, Oracle 33% (estimated), and Microsoft 31%. (On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings of the largest and most-influential cloud vendors in the
SAP CEO Christian Klein

SAP: After Brutal Q3, Will it Stumble Again or Bounce Back Boldly?

November 3, 2020
Is SAP’s Q3 nightmare that zapped $35 billion in market-cap value a harbinger of deep troubles, or will the company be able to rally behind the customer-centric vision of CEO Christian Klein and emerge as a true cloud powerhouse? (SAP is #5 on my Cloud Wars Top 10 weekly rankings.) As is so often the