The SAP Qualtrics Effect: How Salesforce, Oracle and Workday Should Respond

March 12, 2019

If it’s indeed true that I Have Seen the Future of Enterprise Software and It Is SAP Qualtrics, then what impact will the Qualtrics Effect have on leading SaaS companies Salesforce, Oracle and Workday? Quick recap: I believe Qualtrics will profoundly shake up the enterprise-software business because it’s figured out a way to interconnect customer

I Have Seen the Future of Enterprise Software, And It Is SAP Qualtrics

March 8, 2019

A few months ago when SAP agreed to pay $8 billion for Qualtrics, a lot of people said SAP was crazy for paying that much for a company most people knew little or nothing about and that was about 1/50th SAP’s size. But I’m here to tell you that SAP’s blockbuster acquisition of Qualtrics will


Workday Reveals Secret Weapon Against Oracle and SAP

March 5, 2019

As Workday continues to compete successfully against much-larger rivals Oracle and SAP in the red-hot cloud ERP and HCM markets, Workday is using its nimbleness to complete customer deployments at what it says are far lower costs than those of its larger rivals. For decades, enterprise-tech applications vendors have grudgingly had to admit that for every


Workday Cranks Up the Heat on Oracle and SAP in Cloud ERP Wars

March 4, 2019

Riding booming results from its Financial Management SaaS apps as well as its recently acquired Planning apps, Workday says a number of customers are now buying the financial apps without already being users of its flagship HCM apps, signaling a new level of marketplace awareness and acceptance of Workday Financials. Across the board, Workday reported

SAP’s Stunning Transformation: Qualtrics Already “Crown Jewel of Company”

February 8, 2019

After 47 years of helping companies in every industry around the world run their internal operations with highly structured efficiency, SAP is in the midst of a stunning transformation to becoming the world leader in helping businesses understand what’s going on in the minds of consumers in today’s Experience Economy. Proclaiming that newly acquired experience-management

SAP Using Blockbuster Qualtrics Deal Customer

SAP CEO Bill McDermott: Qualtrics Is ‘Biggest Growth Opportunity I’ve Ever Seen’

January 30, 2019

SAP, the iconic enterprise-software company that created the ERP market to help companies optimize internal operations, is now looking to turn the business-software industry upside-down by also becoming the world leader in the external realm of consumer sentiment, expectations and experience. If SAP can do that, the company has a very good chance to move

SAP Cloud

SAP’s Booming Cloud Business Jumps 41% in Q4, Will Triple by 2023

January 29, 2019

Delivering hypergrowth in the cloud as its traditional business begins to decline, SAP today predicted that its cloud revenue will triple over the next three years with the addition of its Qualtrics acquisition and the emergence of the “experience economy.” “With Qualtrics joining SAP, we are now poised to revolutionize the business software industry with