Snowflake IPO Made Salesforce and Warren Buffett Bullish

Snowflake: IPO That Made Salesforce and Warren Buffett Bullish

September 12, 2020
(Editor’s note: This article by Jiri Kram was originally published on LinkedIn on Sept. 10. Jiri has published several articles here at Cloud Wars over the past six months, and as with all of his other insightful and compelling pieces, this article reflects Jiri’s informed views and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cloud Wars. In
Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman predicted the power of the cloud, now Snowflake receives $500 million in investments

Snowflake CEO: Cloud Is ‘Biggest Thing Ever in the World of Computing’

September 9, 2020
With Salesforce and Warren Buffet yesterday investing about $500 million in cloud-storage superstar Snowflake, bear in mind that 7 months ago Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman said the cloud represents the biggest and most-dynamic market the computer industry has ever seen. Bolstered by the infusion from Salesforce--#3 on the Cloud Wars Top 10 and arguably the