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AWS and Rackspace Lose 700 PostgreSQL Databases to Oracle Autonomous Database

February 25, 2021
A hypergrowth warehouse-management app owned by Oracle has moved 700 PostgreSQL databases from AWS and Rackspace servers and replaced them all with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The move from AWS and Rackspace to Oracle has enabled the warehouse-management business to perform at levels never before possible, allowed it to leverage
Oracle Database 21c

Oracle Database 21c Takes on AWS, Microsoft in Clash of the Titans—Plus Snowflake

January 22, 2021
The database market is branching in many directions as database providers develop platforms for every conceivable use case. Relational, analytics, document, key-value, graph, spatial, in-memory—there’s a special-purpose database for nearly every conceivable data type and workload.  Is that a good thing? Oracle doesn’t think so.  “If you’re a developer, why would you want to use
George Lumpkin, Oracle vice president of product management for Autonomous Data Warehouse

Top 3 Reasons Oracle Will Beat AWS, Snowflake in Huge Data Warehouse Market

December 16, 2020
Data-driven companies will be the winners in the next phase of the digital economy—the experience economy. Oracle claims that its Autonomous Data Warehouse is the best solution for these companies and that it has three significant advantages over both category-king Amazon and shiny new object Snowflake: autonomous technology, extreme security, and its own high-performance cloud
Honeywell CEO David Trice

Forging an Industrial-Software Revolution in the Cloud at 114 Years Old

December 11, 2020
You’ve got 90 days to modernize and digitalize a portfolio of 300 non-residential buildings across the globe so that all safety, security, and environmental operations can be optimized via remote control and autonomous management.  Should you: a) take a 3-month vacation; b) equip all facilities personnel with pagers and fax machines; or c) call Honeywell?
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Honeywell Creates Enterprise Cloud for Industry | David Trice

December 9, 2020
This episode brought to you by Honeywell.   We spoke with David Trice, Honeywell Forge Chief Product Officer and General Manager Connected Buildings, in a Cloud Wars Live Perspectives. Here is our conversation. The Big Themes: Honeywell Forge: Enterprise performance management is bringing a new solution to the table – eliminating the barriers of complexity.
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10 Steps to Building Optimized Supply Chains in a Post-Pandemic World

November 19, 2020
  Article by Grant Howe. Grant Howe is CTO at ECI, a leader in industry-specific cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for more than 30 years. This article originally appeared on the ECI website.      While the most-devastating ravages of COVID-19 have passed, the new and disruptive ways of conducting digital business spawned by the
Oracle Exadata X8M

Oracle Calls Out AWS on Exadata Cloud Service, Shares Big Customer Wins

November 13, 2020
Oracle has pointedly and publicly called out AWS by claiming Oracle’s new Exadata Cloud Service X8M crushes competing services from AWS and by sharing new stories about customers that have achieved striking results with Exadata. With this frontal assault on a competitor that currently holds a vastly greater share of the huge cloud-infrastructure market, Oracle
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HVR: Real-Time Data Where You Need It | Anthony Brooks-Williams

November 5, 2020
This episode brought to you by HVR.  For this sponsored episode of Cloud Wars Live, I spoke with Anthony Brooks-Williams, CEO of HVR. As a cloud provider of data-replication and data-integration solutions, HVR takes hybrid to the next level. The Big Themes: People are taking a digital approach to their businesses: Where are they sending
Citrix Cloud Survival Guide

A Survival Guide for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Networking Success

October 13, 2020
The rush to the cloud is on as businesses of all shapes and sizes are racing to deploy modern technologies to take them into the digital economy. As that dramatic overhaul takes place, business and IT leaders are finding that networking is once again becoming a strategic imperative. Here’s why: Most businesses have either already
Citrix Cloud Summit

Can Your Company Move at the Speed of Your Customers?

October 13, 2020
From touchless payments to overhauled supply chains to omnichannel everywhere to the boom in telemedicine, companies in every industry and across the world are racing to find new and better ways to move at the speed of their customers. Here in 2020, the world has not just hit a tipping point—it has blasted through a