Graphic of supply chains

10 Steps to Building Optimized Supply Chains in a Post-Pandemic World

November 19, 2020
  Article by Grant Howe. Grant Howe is CTO at ECI, a leader in industry-specific cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for more than 30 years. This article originally appeared on the ECI website.      While the most-devastating ravages of COVID-19 have passed, the new and disruptive ways of conducting digital business spawned by the
Oracle Exadata X8M

Oracle Calls Out AWS on Exadata Cloud Service, Shares Big Customer Wins

November 13, 2020
Oracle has pointedly and publicly called out AWS by claiming Oracle’s new Exadata Cloud Service X8M crushes competing services from AWS and by sharing new stories about customers that have achieved striking results with Exadata. With this frontal assault on a competitor that currently holds a vastly greater share of the huge cloud-infrastructure market, Oracle
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live: HVR: Real-Time Data Where You Need It | Anthony Brooks-Williams

HVR: Real-Time Data Where You Need It | Anthony Brooks-Williams

November 5, 2020
This episode brought to you by HVR.  For this sponsored episode of Cloud Wars Live, I spoke with Anthony Brooks-Williams, CEO of HVR. As a cloud provider of data-replication and data-integration solutions, HVR takes hybrid to the next level. The Big Themes: People are taking a digital approach to their businesses: Where are they sending
Citrix Cloud Survival Guide

A Survival Guide for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Networking Success

October 13, 2020
The rush to the cloud is on as businesses of all shapes and sizes are racing to deploy modern technologies to take them into the digital economy. As that dramatic overhaul takes place, business and IT leaders are finding that networking is once again becoming a strategic imperative. Here’s why: Most businesses have either already
Citrix Cloud Summit

Can Your Company Move at the Speed of Your Customers?

October 13, 2020
From touchless payments to overhauled supply chains to omnichannel everywhere to the boom in telemedicine, companies in every industry and across the world are racing to find new and better ways to move at the speed of their customers. Here in 2020, the world has not just hit a tipping point—it has blasted through a
Novartis Executive Bertrand Bodson and Microsoft reimagine AI in medicine and pharmaceuticals

Medical Moonshot: How Novartis and Microsoft Are Using AI to Reimagine Medicine

September 17, 2020
While pharmaceutical companies have traditionally had to devote $2.5 billion and 12 years of to bring a single therapy to market, the stark reality is that only 1 out of 10,000 compounds makes it through clinical trials and into the hands of patients. Determined to take these challenges head on, Novartis and Microsoft have created
Microsoft and retailers are improving customer experiences

How Microsoft Helps Top Retailers Deliver World-Class Experiences—and Software

August 19, 2020
In a world that’s changing in profound ways more rapidly than ever before, the retail business has faced an existential challenge from COVID-19, increasingly demanding consumers, ferocious competition from the online world and rising concerns over privacy and security. And while technology is certainly playing a critical role in helping top retailers address those challenges,
Dr. David Rhew has been leading innovation at Microsoft amid COVID-19

How COVID-19 Has Sparked Huge Innovation for Microsoft & Healthcare Customers

July 31, 2020
For all the misery caused by COVID-19, the pandemic has also accelerated in companies from every industry the hunt for innovation and the shift to data-driven business cultures, business models and processes. At Microsoft, that’s led to high-impact partnerships that are helping companies in retail, logistics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals create new businesses, engage with customers
Ashley Goldsmith of Workday talks employee well-being during COVID-19

Employee Well-Being During & After COVID: a Chat with Workday’s Chief People Officer

July 30, 2020
As SaaS powerhouse Workday helps thousands of customers around the world deal with the COVID-19 crisis, chief people officer Ashley Goldsmith is leading Workday’s own efforts to carefully orchestrate a return to work with its overriding priority of employee safety. “For Workday, employee safety and well-being has been and always will be our top priority.
Sanjay Ravi, Microsoft General Manager of Automotive

How Microsoft Is Helping Drive Biggest Transformation in Automotive History

July 23, 2020
As the worldwide automotive industry reimagines and recreates itself from end to end, Microsoft and the Azure Cloud are playing fundamental roles that reflect a striking revolution within Microsoft itself. For a century, steel, manufacturing muscle and oil powered the automotive industry as car companies designed and built gas-powered vehicles owned by individuals and businesses.