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How Seidor MENA Challenges Customers to Innovate, Grow, and Thrive

July 29, 2021
In the technology-hungry Middle East, strategic IT solutions partner Seidor MENA has learned that while being an advisor to clients is important, being willing to also  push them is absolutely essential. “For our customers, we certainly play an advisory role but we also find we need to play a challenging role,” said Seidor MENA managing
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Innovate, Accelerate, and Grow: Seidor’s Value

July 27, 2021
Part of a global technology consulting and implementation company, Seidor MENA serves many of the leading companies in the Middle East and North Africa. In this episode, I speak with Seidor MENA managing director Ignacio Ruiz de Eguilaz and sales director Tariq Laham about the shifting needs of customers in that region, the drive toward
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Silk: The Database Supercharger | VP Chris Buckel

July 15, 2021
Since Silk bills itself on its website as "The Database Supercharger" and promises to provide "the greatest database performance of your life," I recently had a lively conversation with Silk VP of Global Business Development Chris Buckel. In this sponsored episode, Chris describes how Silk's cloud data platform works with all of the major infrastructure
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The Secret Ingredient for Successful Cloud Migrations: Happy Users!

June 22, 2021
As hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe move aggressively into the cloud, they’re discovering that when their users are having great experiences during the process, the migration projects are more likely to be  hugely successful.  In today’s fast-paced and turbulent business environment, cloud-migration projects are stressful enough with tight deadlines, daunting ROI requirements,
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Next-Gen HCM: Lohit Sarma, Lifion VP

June 16, 2021
The new world of work requires a dramatically different way of thinking about employee experiences, and ADP Lifion is creating that with its Next-Gen HCM, says Lohit Sarma, vice-president of product development and innovation. In a lively chat, Lohit describes how low-code expertise is allowing Lifion to rapidly iterate with customers to develop the new
Oracle MySQL vs Amazon Aurora

Oracle Unleashes HeatWave on MySQL, Thumps Amazon Redshift & Aurora

May 27, 2021
As businesses surge into the data-powered digital economy, Oracle has enhanced its MySQL cloud database service with a souped-up in-memory query accelerator called HeatWave that gives the Oracle bundle huge price and performance advantages over Amazon’s Redshift and Aurora databases.  For MySQL business users, that means a whole new ballgame for running analytics against transactional
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Wealth of Riches: IBM Cloud CTO Hillery Hunter

May 24, 2021
This episode brought to you by IBM.  In this episode of Cloud Wars Live, I spoke with one of the top technologists at IBM, VP and Cloud CTO Hillery Hunter. She shared some wide-ranging perspectives on rising customer expectations, industry clouds, cybersecurity, the rising awareness of and interest in "distributed cloud" and other compelling topics.
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10 Reasons Why Low-Code APEX Cloud Service Appeals to Next-Gen Developers

April 1, 2021
As more companies look to enhance their digital prowess via in-house software development, Oracle is betting its new low-code APEX Cloud Service can become enormously popular due to its power, speed, security, and pricing. On top of those attributes, Oracle APEX is already widely used around the world by more than 50,000 customers. So unlike
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Aviatrix CEO: Cloud Network Platform Will Soar Like Snowflake

March 10, 2021
This episode brought to you by Aviatrix.   Steve Mullaney is CEO of Aviatrix, the Cloud Network Platform. Mullaney came out of retirement to lead Aviatrix because he believes its cloud-network platform is able to meet the increasingly demanding and urgent need for businesses to deploy a new generation of software-defined networking to meet the
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AWS and Rackspace Lose 700 PostgreSQL Databases to Oracle Autonomous Database

February 25, 2021
A hypergrowth warehouse-management app owned by Oracle has moved 700 PostgreSQL databases from AWS and Rackspace servers and replaced them all with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The move from AWS and Rackspace to Oracle has enabled the warehouse-management business to perform at levels never before possible, allowed it to leverage