Top 3 2020 tech battles: the Cloud Wars preview

Top 3 Tech Battles in 2020: Microsoft vs. Google, Salesforce vs. SAP, Amazon vs. Oracle

December 2, 2019
As cloud computing becomes the dominant platform for digital business in 2020 and beyond, the world’s six most-influential cloud vendors will engage in three separate and intense competitive tech battles in 2020. Each has huge implications for the vendors' business customers. These high-stakes clashes will impact hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe, as
A Cloud Wars Thanksgiving 2019 gratitude list

For #1 Microsoft and other Cloud Powerhouses, a Thanksgiving Gratitude List

November 27, 2019
With the warm and wonderful Thanksgiving season upon us, here’s a list of what the world-changing vendors on my Cloud Wars Top 10 should be thankful for. #1 Microsoft should be grateful that former CEO Steve Ballmer loves pro basketball so much that he decided several years ago that it was time to buy an
Who will be Cloud Wars Top CEO for 2019?

Who’s Top CEO: Salesforce’s Benioff? Oracle’s Ellison? Google’s Kurian? Or??

November 11, 2019
With all of the top cloud vendors delivering remarkable performances in 2019, which leader deserves to be the Cloud Wars CEO of the Year? Across all of the Cloud Wars platforms, we are unabashed evangelists for the power of the cloud as a transformative engine of innovation, growth and opportunity. For each of the past
ServiceNow has climbed to #9 on the Cloud Wars Top 10

ServiceNow Jumps to #9 on Cloud Wars Top 10 behind #6 Google, #7 IBM, #8 Workday

November 5, 2019
With the imminent arrival of outgoing SAP CEO Bill McDermott and his revelation of plans to triple its revenue, ServiceNow has climbed to the #9 spot on the Cloud Wars Top 10 ranking of the world’s most-influential cloud vendors. Accenture slips from #9 to #10 in the wake of ServiceNow’s ascent, which has been triggered
Amazon and Google should be worried about Microsoft Azure AI numbers

Attention, Amazon and Google: Here’s the Microsoft Q3 Number You Should Focus On

November 1, 2019
While it’s striking to see that Microsoft’s Q3 cloud revenue of $11.6 billion exceeded that of both Amazon and Google combined, and that Azure revenue grew 59% while AWS’s grew 35%, the most-stunning of all of Microsoft’s big Q3 numbers reveals the vast scope of its Azure AI business. CEO Satya Nadella shared these remarkable
There's a CEO shuffle at SAP, ServiceNow, and Oracle

As SAP, Oracle and ServiceNow Lose Leaders, Who Wins CEO Shuffle?

October 29, 2019
In times of relentless change in the Cloud Wars, will the departures of well-established CEOs and the arrival of new ones at SAP, Oracle and ServiceNow lead to upheavals or to more of the status quo? Let me quickly set the stage for this CEO shuffle: Oracle: the tragic death of CEO Mark Hurd creates
Microsoft cloud revenue will exceed total combined numbers for four competitors

#1 Microsoft Cloud Revenue Tops #3 Salesforce, #4 SAP, #5 Oracle and #6 Google Combined

October 10, 2019
While Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and Google all have high-growth cloud businesses, a true measure of Microsoft’s mass and momentum is that its cloud revenue will exceed the combined total of those four competitors’ cloud revenue for the quarter ended Sept. 30. Here’s how I expect the numbers to line up for these heavyweights in my
Analyzing the Q3 cloud revenue numbers for the Cloud Wars Top 10

#1 Microsoft, #2 Amazon Will Drive Cloud Wars Top 10 Over $40 Billion for Q3

October 4, 2019
With #1 Microsoft and #2 Amazon likely to generate $20 billion in cloud revenue for the 3 months ended Sept. 30, the Cloud Wars Top 10 vendors should combine for more than $40 billion for that quarter. We’ll get the exact details for several companies later this month as earnings releases come out for Microsoft,
Azure chief Jason Zander talks about Microsoft's billion-dollar cloud

Inside Microsoft’s Billion-Dollar Cloud Deals: Driving ‘Innovation Agendas’

October 1, 2019
With Microsoft on pace to generate $50 billion in commercial-cloud revenue in its current fiscal year, it was fascinating to hear a top Azure executive describe how Microsoft's been able to land some billon-dollar or $500-million cloud deals recently. We got a preview during Microsoft’s fiscal-Q4 earnings call on July 18. That's when CEO Satya