How Microsoft, SAP and Adobe Plan to Revolutionize CRM and Rock Salesforce

March 29, 2019

If it’s true that your enemies are a good reflection of who you are, then it’s clear that Salesforce is a customer-company dynamo. Three of the world’s most-powerful companies have high hopes of carving into the huge market shares and growth rates that Salesforce has earned over the past decade as the undisputed king of CRM.

The Top 10 Cloud Vendors by Revenue: Splitting a $120-Billion Pie

March 13, 2019

As one of the greatest growth markets in the tech industry’s history is just beginning to hit its stride, the 10 biggest enterprise-cloud vendors racked up total revenue of almost $120 billion during 2018, led by #1 Microsoft at $32.2 billion, #2 Amazon at $25.7 billion, and #3 IBM at $19.2 billion. The biggest surprise

CEO Priorities: What Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce and SAP Leaders Are Talking About

February 20, 2019

Now that we’re 50 days into 2019, which priorities and initiatives are top of mind for the Cloud Wars CEOs and other leaders of the cloud companies driving one of the biggest growth markets the tech industry and the business world have ever seen? In combination, the current outlooks from the CEOs of Microsoft, Amazon

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Cloud Wars CEO of the Year 2018: Amazon Web Services’ Andy Jassy

February 11, 2019
To get a sense of how big, fast-growing and disruptive Amazon’s cloud business is, try this: just its revenue growth in 2018—not its total revenue, but rather the $8-billion increase from 2017’s $17.5 billion to last year’s $25.6 billion—would make it the fifth-largest enterprise cloud vendor in the world. That excellent ongoing growth, Amazon’s longtime

Why Microsoft Is #1 in the Cloud: 10 Key Insights

February 4, 2019

With its commercial-cloud business now generating almost one-third of its total calendar-2018 revenue of $104 billion, Microsoft is pulling away from mighty Amazon and every other competitor in the Cloud Wars as its hybrid architecture, broad product lineup, bold M&A moves and innovative go-to-market plans continue to drive hypergrowth in the cloud even at its

Microsoft Holds #1 Spot in Cloud over #2 Amazon as 2018 Cloud Revenue Hits $32.2 Billion

January 31, 2019

While Amazon remains the undisputed king of public cloud IaaS, Microsoft’s broader set of across-the-cloud services pushed Microsoft’s commercial-cloud revenue for 2018 to $32.2 billion and have given it an insurmountable lead as the world’s largest cloud provider over Amazon, whose numbers come out tomorrow. To match the Microsoft 2018 cloud revenue total of $32.2

IBM Wins 2 Hybrid Cloud Megadeals, Holds #5 Spot in Cloud Wars Top 10

January 22, 2019

As IBM prepares to release fourth-quarter and full-year earnings this afternoon, the company is building significant hybrid-cloud momentum for 2019 with two large and sweeping customer deals totaling $875 million over the next several years. The huge engagements with Vodafone for $550 million and Juniper for $325 million showcase IBM’s broad and deep strengths in