Screengrab from Amazon video about AWS Ground Station

Outer-Space Cloud Race: AWS Grabs Big Lead Over Microsoft and Google

July 2, 2020
It’s hard to avoid being impressed by Amazon’s vision and ambition. The company's decision to provide cutting-edge cloud services for rocket launches, outer-space projects and everything in-between is a perfect example. While it’s a classic vertical-industry play, with AWS looking to develop services across a wide range of terrestrial and space-based operations, there’s still something
Workday CEO Aneel Bhusri, who will speak on the earnings call May 28th

Will Workday Whack Oracle and SAP Again on Earnings Call?

May 27, 2020
As Workday continues to thrive against much-larger competitors, CEO Aneel Bhusri has been hammering home his belief that Oracle and SAP simply cannot match Workday’s ability to drive high levels of success for the world’s largest corporations. Workday releases its fiscal Q1 earnings later today. And I think it’s highly likely that Bhusri will once
CEO Satya Nadella has led Microsoft to cloud revenue dominance over Amazon

Microsoft Will Stomp Amazon in Cloud Revenue, but Media Will Insist Amazon #1 in Cloud

April 27, 2020
It’s quarterly earnings time for Microsoft and Amazon. That means it’s also time for the media to continue telling you that although Microsoft’s cloud revenue is 25% larger than Amazon’s, Amazon is somehow the “runaway” leader in the cloud. First, some facts. And then we’ll explore the fantasies around this utterly bizarre infatuation that most
Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings: Google moves up to #4

Google Jumps to #4 on Cloud Wars Top 10 Behind #1 Microsoft, #2 AWS, #3 Salesforce

February 24, 2020
Continuing its rapid ascent under CEO Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud has jumped two spots to #4 on the Cloud Wars Top 10 on the strength of its revitalized strategy, 53% revenue growth, and launch of an unprecedented type of AI-powered industry-specific solutions. Leapfrogging SAP and Oracle, Google Cloud now holds the #4 spot on the
Table showing the top 5 cloud vendors based on 2019 revenue

Who Are the World’s Top 5 Cloud Vendors Ranked by 2019 Revenue?

February 18, 2020
While revenue is just one of many measures we use in setting our weekly Cloud Wars Top 10, it’s fascinating to see that in terms of raw dollars, IBM grabs third place in a ranking of the top 5 vendors by 2019 cloud revenue. IBM has been at #7 on the Cloud Wars Top 10
Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai explains how Google Cloud might catch Amazon

If Google Wants to Catch Amazon in the Cloud, M&A Is the Key

February 5, 2020
While Google Cloud reported an impressive 53% growth rate for Q4 and an annualized run rate of $10.4 billion, the law of bigger numbers reveals that the only way it can catch #2 Amazon in the cloud is through aggressive M&A. As the below graphic reveals in detail, even if Google Cloud can maintain growth
Cloud Wars analyzes the TechCrunch story on Microsoft vs. AWS cloud

AWS Thrashing Microsoft, Says TechCrunch—But Revenue Numbers Tell Opposite Story

February 4, 2020
A very large, successful and well-respected tech-media company last week wrote that “Microsoft is miles behind the cloud leader” (AWS) and is “still struggling to gain meaningful ground on AWS’s lead.” However, official financial documents released by both companies last week clearly show that Microsoft’s cloud business is much larger than that for Amazon’s AWS
CEO Satya Nadella discusses Microsoft cloud revenue for 2019

Microsoft Blows Away Amazon in 2019 Cloud Revenue: 30% Bigger

January 30, 2020
Microsoft’s latest blowout quarter brings its total enterprise-cloud revenue for calendar 2019 to $44.7 billion, making its cloud business about 30% larger than the approximately $34.8 billion that I expect Amazon to report for AWS tomorrow. Microsoft’s stellar $12.5 billion in cloud revenue for its fiscal Q2 ended Dec. 31, up 41%, should help correct
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian is making moves against Microsoft and Amazon

Google Cloud Intensifies Battles Against Microsoft, Amazon with 4 Key Moves

January 21, 2020
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian is buying and building new firepower to snatch customers, prospects and market share from Microsoft and Amazon in the viciously competitive enterprise-cloud marketplace. While each of these moves is significant, the true impact is how they cumulatively reveal Google Cloud’s true intention of becoming not just a better version of