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The Acceleration Economy Analyst Network | Courneya on Acceleration

October 14, 2021
Watch "Courneya on Acceleration" with Bridget Courneya, the Online Editor at Acceleration Economy Media. Bridget empowers community via dynamic content and engaging events, while leading with bold altruism. She leads the development and production of digital stories in various mediums, including The Acceleration Economy Journal, The Wrap Weekly Podcast, and more. Episode 4 The Big
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Digital Twins, Data Pipelines and the Future | Ammirati on Innovation

October 12, 2021
Each month, “Ammirati on Innovation” episodes will look at ways that the disruptive-startup mentality is spreading beyond young entrepreneurs to big established corporations. Serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and Carnegie Mellon B-school professor Sean Ammirati, who sits at the intersection of these high-change dynamics, provides insight. Today, Sean and I talk about the new concept of
Cloud Wars Live cover graphic, with Pat Fitzgerald as the guest

Universities Have Failed Miserably | Fitzgerald on Talent

October 11, 2021
One of the top recruiters of executive and sales-leadership talent in the tech industry, Pat Fitzgerald brings deep and valuable perspectives on the battle for talent being waged across every industry today. In monthly episodes, Pat shares his unique insights on the new types of skills that businesses are seeking today, and also on opportunities
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Oracle Hospitality: Tech Drives Resurgence | SVP & GM Alexander Alt

October 7, 2021
In this sponsored episode of Cloud Wars Live, I speak with Alexander Alt, who leads the Oracle Hospitality business unit that offers industry-specific operational technology for hotels, cruise ships, and casinos. Alex discusses the industry's strong rebound from a very difficult 2020, and the role technology has played in the industry's tumultuous past 20 months.
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Turn Software Projects into Value Accelerators | Tinder on Customers

October 5, 2021
"Tinder on Customers" is the monthly podcast series featuring Bonnie Tinder. Bonnie is the founder and CEO of Raven Intel, an independent B2B peer review site that’s amplifying the voice of the customer. She focuses on software customers, consulting partners and software vendors, and helps identify the best partners for their needs. In this episode,
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Transforming Data into Powerful Outcomes: Pure Storage CTO Rob Lee

October 4, 2021
In this sponsored episode of Cloud Wars Live, Pure Storage CTO Rob Lee talks about the powerful new capabilities that arise for customers when they're able to blend the best of enterprise storage with the agility and scalability of the cloud. Rob describes how customers are looking to the recently announced Pure Fusion to help
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Oh My: Supply Chains Have Become Sexy! | Uphoff on Industry

September 30, 2021
Each month, Tony Uphoff, visionary CEO of, joins Cloud Wars Live for a recurring segment. “Uphoff on Industry” will explore the innovations, upheavals, and breakthroughs reshaping the the world of manufacturing and industrial markets. Join Tony and me as we discuss the Thomas data that points to coming disruptions in supply chains that will
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Google Cloud’s Rob Enslin: Touching Billions of People

September 28, 2021
After a stellar 27-year career at SAP culminating in being head of global field operations and then president of SAP's cloud business, Rob Enslin joined Google Cloud about 2-1/2 years ago as president and head of sales. Enslin's arrival came just a few months after Thomas Kurian joined Google Cloud as CEO, and Kurian's hiring
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What CIOs Should Say to Boards of Directors | Sadin on Digital

September 27, 2021
“Sadin on Digital” episodes explore the fast-changing and high-stakes world of digital business. Wayne Sadin and I focus in particular on what CEOs and boards must do to lead their companies successfully into the Digital Age. Today, Wayne shares his thoughts on the all-important relationships between CEOs, CIOs and boards of directors at large firms,
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The Fog of War: Data and Leadership | Anschuetz on Leadership

September 23, 2021
Each month, “Anschuetz on Leadership” episodes will look at unique ways that business can approach leadership. Christian Anschuetz is an adventurer, explorer, entrepreneur, United States Marine Corps Captain (not on active duty), and highly inspirational leader. He's been the CIO of one of the world's largest advertising firms, CDO of a global safety and supply-chain