Microsoft and Amazon

Do Microsoft and Amazon Have Too Much Power in IT Market? Absolutely Not.

March 21, 2019
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal cited survey results showing that business customers have made Amazon and Microsoft the “preferred vendors” in a majority of the product categories essential for running today’s highly complex IT operations. Should we be scared? Is the heavy hand of hard-hearted hegemony about to come down harshly on
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$100-Million Lessons from AWS and Lyft | Ammirati on Innovation

March 18, 2019
Each month, "Ammirati on Innovation" episodes will look at ways that the disruptive-startup mentality is spreading beyond young entrepreneurs to big established corporations. Serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and Carnegie Mellon B-school professor Sean Ammirati, who sits at the intersection of these high-change dynamics, provides insight. Episode 1 In this episode, Sean and I discuss what innovation
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Amazon and Lyft: Is $100 Million a Year a Bargain or Bungle?

March 15, 2019
A fascinating round of discussions about the value of high-scale IT in the cloud began recently, when Lyft disclosed it pays AWS almost $100 million per year to run its all of its infrastructure in the cloud. Is that price too high, too low, or just right? Should Lyft look to claw back some of
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CRM 2019

Cloud Wars CEO of the Year 2018: Amazon Web Services’ Andy Jassy

February 11, 2019
To get a sense of how big, fast-growing and disruptive Amazon’s cloud business is, try this: just its revenue growth in 2018—not its total revenue, but rather the $8-billion increase from 2017’s $17.5 billion to last year’s $25.6 billion—would make it the fifth-largest enterprise cloud vendor in the world. That excellent ongoing growth, Amazon’s longtime
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CRM 2019

Amazon Versus Oracle: The Battle for Cloud Database Leadership

January 17, 2019

Following Amazon’s announcement late last year that it intends to rip its extensive network of Oracle Databases and replace them with its own technology, a recent blog post reveals that a big part of the AWS competitive strategy is to continue expanding its large and growing roster of “purpose-built” databases for the cloud. In the

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Competing Amazon

Will Amazon Damage Its Cloud Business By Competing Directly Against AWS Customers?

June 29, 2018

Grocers, retailers, online marketers, package-delivery companies and now pharmacy/healthcare companies are facing savage competition from juggernaut Amazon—so why would any company in any of those industries voluntary subsidize bare-knuckle competing Amazon by choosing subsidiary AWS as its cloud-computing vendor? That’s a compelling question—but at least to date, Amazon’s aggressive expansion plans into multiple industries don’t

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