Photo of IBM data center for the US open, representing its bullish stance on industry clouds

IBM Bullish on Industry Clouds: 5 Reasons Why

November 23, 2021
Looking to reignite revenue via the red-hot industry-cloud market, IBM believes its specific focus on four heavily regulated industries—financial services, healthcare, telco, and government—will help persuade the giants in those fields to begin their big leap into the cloud. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, IBM is #10. On our separate Industry Cloud
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IBM logo on a computer

IBM Cloud Seeks Peace, not War, with Amazon, Google and Microsoft

November 22, 2021
As IBM eyes significant industry-cloud growth in heavily regulated industries, it has elected to form close alliances with cloud heavyweights Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, according to IBM Cloud senior vice-president Howard Boville. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, IBM is #10, Microsoft is #1, Amazon Web Services is #2, and Google Cloud is
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Photo of a skyscraper with text "Market Cap" across it, representing Salesforce and its recent market cap peak

Market Cap Madness: Salesforce + Snowflake + Workday = $500 Billion

November 18, 2021
While each of these 3 high-flying cloud providers serves very different parts of the market, the unifying trend that’s helped boost their combined market cap to $500 billion is their shared devotion to industry-specific solutions. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Salesforce is #4, Workday is #8, and Snowflake is #10. On our
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Head of Salesforce Industries Jujhar Singh talks global sales org

Already #1 in Industry Clouds, Salesforce Verticalizing Global Sales Team

November 17, 2021
With an industry-cloud annualized revenue run rate of more than $3 billion, Salesforce has oriented more than half of its global sales organization toward industry-specific goals and objectives in an aggressive move that could very likely strengthen its position as the world’s leading industry-cloud provider. On my weekly Industry Cloud Top 10 rankings, Salesforce has
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Table of the Industry Cloud Top 10, led by #1 Salesforce

#1 Industry Cloud: Google or Microsoft? Salesforce or SAP? Oracle or Workday?

November 16, 2021
Six of the world’s top cloud vendors shared their visions for the future of business as they outlined their approaches to industry clouds on the opening day of the Industry Cloud Battleground Week digital event. Those companies are helping to drive industry innovation that puts the customer at the center of everything in today’s digital
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From Gamers to Bankers, Redis Is Accelerating the Digital Economy

November 11, 2021

As billions of people around the globe are embracing digital lifestyles, and as businesses are racing to deliver superb digital experiences to customers instantaneously, Redis and its real-time data platform are powering huge portions of this digital revolution. Speed and acceleration in digital business are becoming the defining characteristics across every global market because no

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Google CEO Sundari Pichai

Alphabet CEO Nails It: Why Google Is World’s Hottest Cloud Provider

October 28, 2021
Asked how Google has become the world’s hottest major cloud-computing provider, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google Cloud’s aggressive focus on industry-specific solutions is the primary reason for the market-leading growth. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Google Cloud is #3 behind #1 Microsoft and #2 Amazon. And with Google Cloud’s ongoing
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Photo of thunderstorm, representing the clash between Microsoft Amazon and Google in cloud

Beware, Amazon & Google: 4 Horsemen of Microsoft Cloud Apocalypse

October 27, 2021
Competing with Microsoft is not for the faint of heart, and rolled into the simply superb fiscal-Q1 results Nadella & Co. released yesterday are 4 killer numbers demonstrating that Microsoft is achieving the seemingly impossible: as its cloud business reaches enormous proportions, some key growth rates are rising and others holding steady. On my weekly
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Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings

Snowflake Leapfrogs IBM on Cloud Wars Top 10 Rankings

October 26, 2021
Despite having revenue only 1/75th the size of IBM’s, data-cloud disruptor Snowflake has vaulted past IBM on the weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings as formerly #10 Snowflake is generating triple-digit growth while IBM’s Q3 results were deeply disappointing. So as of today on my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Snowflake has moved up
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