New insights into Google Cloud and its recent success

Inside Google Cloud’s Breakout $2B Quarter: 10 Key Insights

July 29, 2019
CEO Thomas Kurian has lit a customer-centric fire under Google Cloud. And 10 key points from last week’s earnings call reveal the major factors driving new levels of success since Kurian assumed control in January. Those drivers have also pushed Google Cloud up one spot to #6 in the weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings. 
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Why Did Alphabet Reveal Google Cloud’s Q2 Revenue of $2B-Plus?

July 26, 2019
Eighteen months ago, Alphabet revealed that Google Cloud had experienced its first billion-dollar quarter. Then, for the next five quarters, Alphabet executives declined to disclose any follow-on details regarding Google Cloud revenue. But with its cloud business greatly reinvigorated since CEO Thomas Kurian took the reins 6 months ago, Alphabet disclosed yesterday that Google Cloud
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Satya Nadella Admits: Microsoft Cloud Business Is Bigger than Amazon’s

July 25, 2019
A point I’ve been making loudly and relentlessly for the past two years—that Microsoft’s cloud business is larger than Amazon’s—has now been echoed publicly for the first time by none other than Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. While many in the media, along with a surprising number of analysts, continue for reasons I can’t fathom to
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Microsoft will likely top $50 billion in cloud revenue at this time next year.

Microsoft’s $50-Billion Moonshot: #1 Cloud Vendor Lays Out New Growth Plans

July 23, 2019
The odds are exceptionally strong that just 12 months from now, Microsoft will post cloud revenue of well over $50 billion. You read that right: a $50-billion-plus cloud business just one year from today for the largest and most-influential enterprise-cloud player in the world. So why does that matter? Who cares? It matters a great
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My thoughts on SAP Q2 revenue miss, and how Bill McDermott will get them back on track.

Relax, SAP Skeptics: China Will Be Fine, and Cloud and XM Are Booming

July 22, 2019
While quarterly revenue misses should be taken very seriously, SAP’s Q2 stumble last week was a short-term aberration. I’m betting Bill McDermott and company will get back on the high-growth track when Q3 numbers come out in October. Clearly, the uneasy trade climate in China was a significant factor in last quarter’s miss. But McDermott
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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained how his company reached $11 billion in quarterly cloud revenue, besting SAP and others

#1 Microsoft Cloud Revenue as Big as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, IBM Combined

July 19, 2019
To grasp the magnitude of Microsoft’s $11 billion quarterly cloud revenue, consider this: that total matches the combined quarterly cloud revenue of four of the world’s largest cloud players—Salesforce (about $3.1 billion), SAP ($1.9 billion), Oracle (probably about $1.5 billion) and IBM ($4.7 billion). Many factors are of course at play in that breakaway performance
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Ginni Rometty recently spoke about IBM's cloud growth on the company's Q2 earnings announcement.

IBM’s $19-Billion Cloud Business: Where Did the Growth Go?

July 18, 2019
Eighteen months ago, IBM posted cloud revenue of $5.5 billion for Q4 2017, putting it on an annualized run rate of $22 billion. Yesterday—a full six quarters after that high point—IBM reported 12-month cloud revenue of $19.5 billion, up just 8% when adjusting for currency fluctuations. Otherwise, an anemic 5%. Remember, I’m not talking about
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CTO Mark Russinovich published a blog post explaining three recent Azure cloud failures

After 3 Cloud Failures in 12 Months, Microsoft Fortifies Azure Reliability

July 17, 2019
For Azure customers, the good news is that Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure has delivered an average uptime of 99.995% for its core compute services over the past 12 months. The not-so-good news for those same customers is that over those same 12 months, the Azure cloud has “experienced three unique and significant incidents that impacted
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In the red-hot analytics market, Oracle offers Oracle simplicity and integration

In Red-Hot Analytics Market, Oracle Promises Simplicity and Integration

July 16, 2019
One of Oracle’s big advantages over most cloud-native competitors is that it knows the on-premises world even better than it knows the relatively new cloud phenomenon. So as hybrid and multi-cloud become the optimal models for the digital digital businesses, it’s ironic that Oracle’s analytics business has stumbled because the company over-rotated toward the cloud
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