Oracle Bets The Company On Cloud ERP And Self-Driving Database

September 27, 2018

While Oracle’s sprawling ambitions and product lines continue to mark every enterprise-software company as a competitor, founder Larry Ellison recently specified that the future of the entire company (Oracle) will be determined by the fortunes of its Cloud ERP SaaS service and its self-driving Autonomous Cloud Database. “Oracle has two strategic products that will determine

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Microsoft CEO

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Unveils New Digital Strategy For Businesses: ‘Tech Intensity’

September 24, 2018

Doubling down on his belief that Microsoft must help customers become world-class software creators themselves, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella today showcased several innovative customers embracing “tech intensity” to innovate and grow in today’s high-intensity digital economy. Nadella described tech intensity as a fusion of cultural mindset and business processes that rewards the development and propagation

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The Cloud customers Dave O’Hara

How #1 Microsoft Is Beating Amazon, Google And Everyone Else In The Cloud: The Strategic Breakdown

September 17, 2018

Microsoft’s sweeping transformations of its sales and engineering organizations and its unique focus on intelligent cloud plus intelligent edge has spurred some of its largest enterprise customers to spend “an order of magnitude more with us year over year than they ever had before,” a top Microsoft executive recently told investors. Judson Althoff, executive vice

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Look Out, SAP And Oracle: Workday Launching Serious Assault On ERP Market

September 10, 2018

Hoping to combine its superb track record for customer success with a big recent acquisition in the operational-planning category, Workday has begun positioning itself as a full-fledged ERP provider whose modern technology and customer-centric approach will begin peeling customers away from market leaders SAP and Oracle. Workday CEO Aneel Bhusri, whose firm until very recently

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Tech-Spending Boom: CEOs More Bullish Than Ever, Says’s Marc Benioff

August 31, 2018

CEOs are investing absolutely unprecedented amounts on enterprise technology to turn their companies into end-to-end digital businesses, says co-CEO Marc Benioff. ” I’ve never seen such a robust spending environment,” said Benioff on his company’s fiscal Q2 earnings call with analysts this week. “I’ve never seen CEOs spend so aggressively.” The goal? Digital transformation—and

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Salesforce Scores Big With MuleSoft: The Skyrocketing Value Of Integration

August 30, 2018

While executives spoke glowingly of how their entire product portfolio contributed to their excellent Q2 results, the big story was the huge strategic boost from the recent acquisition of MuleSoft as Salesforce execs raved about how C-suites now regard data and application integration as indispensable elements of digital transformation. Yes, co-CEO Keith Block said

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ServiceNow Dreams Of $10 Billion As Digital Transformation Spikes Revenue 45%

August 28, 2018

Riding one of the hottest growth markets the tech business has ever seen, SaaS high-flyer ServiceNow says CEOs’ insatiable demand for digital transformation is not only driving upward revenue guidance for 2018 but also causing the company to begin planning what it must do to reach $10 billion in annual revenue. For a company that’s

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AI And The CEO: Why Every Company Must Become An AI Company

August 20, 2018

Call it the CEO’s existential challenge: in today’s blindingly fast world of digital business, it’s no longer enough for every business to become a software business—instead, the new imperative here in our increasingly data-driven economy is that every company must become an AI company. Citing examples of AI-driven innovation that are creating sweeping new business

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#1 Microsoft Widens Lead Over #2 Amazon In Cloud Revenue, $6.9 Billion To $6.1 Billion

August 3, 2018

Despite Amazon’s ongoing outstanding cloud-computing performance last quarter with revenue up 49% to $6.1 billion, that just wasn’t good enough to keep pace with cloud leader Microsoft whose commercial-cloud revenue surged 53% to $6.9 billion and gave it an $800-million spread for the quarter over Amazon in the closely watched race for supremacy in the cloud. Now,

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