Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud 2.0: New SaaS Accelerators, Automation And Integrations–Even To SAP And Salesforce

June 14, 2018

Looking to prove it’s fully committed to the customer-success phenomenon that’s become the centerpiece of the enterprise-cloud business, Oracle—the world’s second-largest vendor of cloud applications—recently unleashed a slew of new SaaS services and capabilities designed to make it easier and faster for customers to take full advantage of the cloud. Oracle founder and chairman Larry

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How Github

How GitHub And LinkedIn Will Help Microsoft Drive The Cloud Revolution

June 11, 2018

For all of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s brilliant gambits in transforming his company into the world’s pre-eminent tech vendor, perhaps none will match the impact of his decisions to become a global community powerhouse via the acquisitions of LinkedIn two years ago and GitHub last week. In snatching up LinkedIn on June 13, 2018 for $26.2 billion,

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AI technology

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella On The Extraordinary Potential Of AI

June 4, 2018

As the AI Age takes hold, Microsoft has unleashed an AI technology strategy that’s as complete and ambitious as any you’ll find from any company in the world. It’s already in place in fast-food restaurants and in manufacturing plants, and Microsoft is ahead of everyone in extending and unifying AI’s capabilities from the cloud to

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SAP & Salesforce

Can SAP Cut Into #1 Salesforce’s Huge Lead In $120-Billion CRM Market?

May 31, 2018

As the world’s largest provider of enterprise SaaS apps (that would be Salesforce) prepares to face a head-on assault in the $120-billion CRM market from the world’s #1 enterprise-apps provider (that would be SAP), you can bet the mortgage that the biggest winners of all will be business customers who’ll stand to gain huge value from the

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cloud customer success

Why Cloud Customer Success Is New Top Priority For Salesforce, Microsoft, Workday, SAP And Oracle

May 25, 2018

As competition among top cloud vendors intensifies, customer success is rapidly emerging as a strategic differentiator far more important than snazzy technology. It seems dazzlingly obvious: we all want our customers to be successful, right? But the enterprise-tech industry hasn’t always earned a sterling reputation for delivering that type of outcome: complex products, difficult integrations,

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Top Cloud Vendors

Top Cloud Vendors Will Crush $100 Billion In 2018 Revenue; Microsoft, Amazon, IBM Hit $75 Billion?

May 21, 2018

Highlighting one of the greatest growth markets the tech business has ever seen, just a handful of the world’s leading cloud vendors are on pace to generate $100 billion in combined enterprise-cloud revenue this calendar year. Extrapolating from recent financial results, growth rates, market momentum and particularly the insatiable appetite among business customers for cloud

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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd: How To Instantly Prevent 95% Of Database Cyberattacks

May 10, 2018

As Oracle expands its Autonomous Cloud services and looks to claim a leadership position in cloud cybersecurity, CEO Mark Hurd said this week that 95 percent of cyberattacks are on databases that administrators have failed to patch for more than 9 months—and that Oracle’s Autonomous Database can instantly drive that deeply alarming figure to zero.

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Oracle Extends All-In Commitment To AI And Machine Learning To NetSuite SaaS Apps

April 30, 2018

A few months after upgrading its huge portfolio of SaaS apps with “adaptive intelligence” capabilities for the digital economy, Oracle is doing the same for its entire NetSuite family of integrated applications aimed at small and mid-sized businesses. The NetSuite announcement means that while Oracle is still well behind SaaS leader in revenue, Oracle

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