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How Oracle Plans To Beat Amazon: Next-Gen Cloud Software Requiring Zero Human Labor

March 29, 2018

Leveraging his long-game vision and his company’s unmatched database-technology expertise, Oracle founder Larry Ellison said Oracle will beat Amazon in the cloud by releasing over the next few months a sweeping set of “self-driving” cloud solutions that Ellison claims are simply beyond even Amazon’s ability to match. Over the past few years, Ellison has on

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Larry Ellison: Oracle’s Self-Driving Database ‘Most Important Thing Company’s Ever Done’

March 20, 2018

Looking to shift attention toward a revolutionary new product and away from its disappointing Q3 cloud results, Oracle founder Larry Ellison said yesterday the company’s newly released Autonomous Database could be “the most important thing Oracle’s ever done” and “will change the profile of our company forever.” In yesterday’s earnings call, several questions from analysts

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Why Salesforce Is Soaring In The Cloud: 20 Eye-Popping Numbers

March 5, 2018

Amid the dazzling Q4 and full-year results they reported late last week, leaders emphasized two external factors that play beautifully into their hand: CEOs are making digital transformation their top priority, and the recent U.S. tax cuts are giving them the resources to pursue that aggressively. Noting that he’d had dinner with 20 Fortune

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Microsoft Cloud Hits Superscale As Huge Customers Migrate Mission-Critical SAP Workloads To Azure

February 28, 2018

Some of Microsoft’s largest customers are moving their production SAP workloads as well as other mission-critical applications to the Azure Cloud, offering conclusive proof that the cloud has become a mainstream enterprise-technology foundation for anything a global corporation chooses to deploy there. Speaking at a recent investors conference, Microsoft corporate vice-president and head of Cloud and

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Microsoft, SAP And Oracle Join Cloud-Industry Obsession Over New Performance Metric

February 21, 2018

The clearest and most-unequivocal proof that the enterprise-cloud business has grown up and is fully ready for industrial-strength deployments is the recent pledges from top executives at Microsoft, SAP and Oracle to make customer success —not customer satisfaction or loyalty, but customer success—their top priority in 2018. Those tech-industry giants have joined cloud-native SaaS providers

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Inside SAP: As Cloud Surpasses License Revenue In 2018, 10 Strategic Insights

February 20, 2018

Helping global corporations like Emirates Group undergo massive digital transformations even as it remakes itself for the digital world, SAP is confidently predicting that its cloud revenue will overtake its license revenue this year on the strength of having “the most complete cloud in the enterprise,” according to CEO Bill McDermott. “We believe this is

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CFO Amy Hood

How Microsoft Revolutionized Its Sales Team–Plus 9 More Insights From CFO Amy Hood

February 12, 2018

In the wake of Microsoft’s 56% commercial-cloud revenue growth in its just-completed quarter, some recent public comments from executive vice-president and CFO Amy Hood offer remarkable insights into why everything in Redmond seems to be humming along beautifully these days. The comments from Hood, who’s been with Microsoft for 15 years and was CFO of

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