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Google Cloud Industry Head Lori Mitchell-Keller

May 3, 2021
In this episode of Cloud Wars Live, our guest is Lori Mitchell-Keller, the head of Google Cloud's highly innovative and fast-growing industry-specific solutions business. After a distinguished career leading SAP's industries business, Mitchell-Keller was recruited several months ago by Google Cloud president Rob Enslin and CEO Thomas Kurian to drive the business that has become
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Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian: “Where the Cloud Needs to Go”

April 6, 2021
Once more emphasizing that business customers want and expect new types of value from the cloud, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian last week underscored his company’s commitment to the “digitization of industries.” On my Cloud Wars Top 10 weekly rankings, Google Cloud is #3 behind #1 Microsoft and #2 Amazon. Kurian, echoing a strategic priority
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Slide from Google Cloud Goldman Sachs presentation showing backlog growth

The Google Cloud Surge: 5 Slides from Thomas Kurian Tell the Story

February 18, 2021
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian was a featured speaker at last week’s Goldman Sachs technology investors conference, and I’d like to share 5 slides from his presentation how it’s become the world’s fastest-growing major cloud company. (On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Google Cloud is #3.) Kurian opened his 40-minute session with a
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Alphabet Google CEO Sundar Pichai

5 Reasons Why Google Cloud’s $5.6-Billion Loss Is Excellent News

February 10, 2021
While Google Cloud lost $5.6 billion on revenue of $13.1 billion for 2020, a deeper look both into the numbers and at current and future marketplace dynamics shows that the $5.6-billion loss actually reflects excellent performance. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Google Cloud is #3, following its recent ascension over Salesforce, which
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Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud

Google Remains World’s Hottest Cloud Vendor as Q4 Growth Surges to 46.5%

February 3, 2021
Extending its year-long run as the world’s fastest-growing major cloud vendor, Google Cloud Q4 revenue soared 46.5% to $3.83 billion as Thomas Kurian’s company boosted its sequential rate of growth for the second straight quarter. While Google Cloud is much smaller than primary competitors Microsoft and Amazon’s AWS and thus should be able to grow
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Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian

A Chat with Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian | CEO Cloud Outlook 2021

January 19, 2021
Google Cloud's Thomas Kurian, CEO of the world's hottest major cloud vendor, shares his insights on the impact the cloud will have on business in 2021, the new priorities for CEOs in these turbulent times, and about 10 examples of customers reimagining their businesses for fun and profit in the digital age. In his 2
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