Photo of IBM data center for the US open, representing its bullish stance on industry clouds

IBM Bullish on Industry Clouds: 5 Reasons Why

November 23, 2021
Looking to reignite revenue via the red-hot industry-cloud market, IBM believes its specific focus on four heavily regulated industries—financial services, healthcare, telco, and government—will help persuade the giants in those fields to begin their big leap into the cloud. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, IBM is #10. On our separate Industry Cloud
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Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with Howard Boville of IBM

IBM Industry-Cloud Blitz | Cloud Chief Howard Boville

November 22, 2021
Howard Boville is an IBM senior VP in charge of its cloud business. In 2020, he joined IBM and brought a unique and much-needed perspective: he had been CTO at Bank of America, allowing him to bring a customer mindset with world-class knowledge of what financial institutions need in these fast-changing times. In this episode
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IBM logo on a computer

IBM Cloud Seeks Peace, not War, with Amazon, Google and Microsoft

November 22, 2021
As IBM eyes significant industry-cloud growth in heavily regulated industries, it has elected to form close alliances with cloud heavyweights Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, according to IBM Cloud senior vice-president Howard Boville. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, IBM is #10, Microsoft is #1, Amazon Web Services is #2, and Google Cloud is
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Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings

Snowflake Leapfrogs IBM on Cloud Wars Top 10 Rankings

October 26, 2021
Despite having revenue only 1/75th the size of IBM’s, data-cloud disruptor Snowflake has vaulted past IBM on the weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings as formerly #10 Snowflake is generating triple-digit growth while IBM’s Q3 results were deeply disappointing. So as of today on my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Snowflake has moved up
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Thomas Kurian of Google Cloud and Satya Nadella of Microsoft

Q3 Cloud Forecasts: Microsoft $20.5B, Amazon $15.3B, Google $5.2B, IBM $7.3B

October 20, 2021
(UPDATE: Dear readers: I’ve updated this article to reflect a new Q3 revenue projection for Google Cloud because in the original version, I used the wrong quarterly figure upon which to base my projection. I’m very sorry for the error.)   As the world’s top cloud-computing vendors ride the digital surge and help drive the
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ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott

Market Cap Madness: ServiceNow Roars by IBM, $134 Billion to $125B

September 7, 2021
In the latest installment of Market Cap Madness, high-flying ServiceNow with its $6-billion run rate is now valued more highly than iconic IBM and its $75 billion in annual revenue. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, ServiceNow is #7 and IBM is #9. As I’ve mentioned before, my use of the term “Market
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IBM conference signs show industry-specific cloud offerings

IBM Jumps Salesforce to Join Microsoft, Amazon in Cloud Revenue Top 3

July 20, 2021
With solid if unspectacular Q2 cloud revenue up 13% to $7 billion, IBM has pushed past Salesforce to join Microsoft and Amazon as the world’s top 3 cloud-revenue generators. While that’s an impressive achievement by IBM, on my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings the company continues to hold the #9 spot, primarily due to
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Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with Howard Boville of IBM

IBM + SAP: Experience = Speed | Howard Boville, IBM Hybrid Cloud SVP

June 9, 2021
Howard Boville left his job as CTO at Bank of America about a year ago to join IBM as senior VP of hybrid cloud. Boville sat down with Cloud Wars Live to discuss the big changes he’s been driving at IBM Cloud, the booming market for industry clouds that he’s been aggressively championing within IBM
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SAP and IBM logos side by side

As SAP Downgrades Microsoft Relationship, IBM Rushes In

June 4, 2021
With the SAP-Microsoft romance cooling way off as Microsoft has become a significant direct competitor to SAP, a newly assertive and re-energized IBM is moving in to extend and enrich its 50-year strategic relationship with SAP. On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Microsoft is the longtime #1, SAP is #5 and IBM is
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Cover image for Cloud Wars Perspectives sponsored podcast with Hillery Hunter of IBM

Wealth of Riches: IBM Cloud CTO Hillery Hunter

May 24, 2021
This episode brought to you by IBM.  In this episode of Cloud Wars Live, I spoke with one of the top technologists at IBM, VP and Cloud CTO Hillery Hunter. She shared some wide-ranging perspectives on rising customer expectations, industry clouds, cybersecurity, the rising awareness of and interest in "distributed cloud" and other compelling topics.
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