IBM CEO Arvind Krishna

Why IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Earned an A+ for His Debut Quarter

July 24, 2020
On Jan. 30—before the world had even a thought about masks, social distancing, ventilators and WFH—IBM announced that longtime top technologist Arvind Krishna would take over as CEO on April 6. But when that date arrived, Krishna had much more to deal with than COVID’s repercussions as the low-growth tech icon’s all-in bet on Red
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IBM and SAP logos matched up to represent their partnership

SAP and IBM Team Up to Help Customers Avoid Extinction

June 26, 2020
As the pace of change continues to soar and the timetable to transformation shrinks, SAP and IBM are rolling out a broad array of data-driven services to help customers innovate and thrive rather than stagnate and go away. Building on a partnership launched half a century ago, IBM and SAP are calling this new initiative
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The CEOs of Oracle, IBM, and Amazon - which will acquire Zoom?

Who Will Acquire Zoom: Amazon, Oracle, or IBM?

June 5, 2020
As the story of Zoom’s phenomenal growth spreads, and as the video-conferencing services it provides become not just mainstream but essential, which company in the Cloud Wars Top 10 will snap up Zoom to become more relevant in the digital future? Cloud Wars Top 10 Rankings — June 1, 2020 1. Microsoft — Its Top 10
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IBM CEO Arvind Krishna, who recently spoke on the company's Q1 earnings call

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Shares Powerful Vision for $1.2 Trillion Hybrid Cloud

April 21, 2020
IBM CEO Arvind Krishna yesterday laid out a clear and compelling strategy for how and why IBM’s $22-billion cloud business has become not only IBM’s engine for growth but also its strategic foundation for the next decade. Two weeks into his new role, Krishna used yesterday’s Q1 earnings call to address two enormous issues. First,
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IBM's new CEO Arvind Krishna

How IBM’s New CEO Plans to Beat Microsoft, Amazon & Google in Cloud

April 14, 2020
While IBM’s way behind its big cloud rivals in growth rates and perceived status, it can beat bigger and better-positioned cloud rivals Microsoft, Amazon and Google by “winning the architectural wars,” says new IBM CEO Arvind Krishna. In a recent interview with CNBC’s Jon Fortt, Krishna made the case that the deep-tech trio of Linux,
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Will IBM’s New CEO Shake Up the Company or Simply Shuffle the Pieces?

April 8, 2020
As career-lifer Arvind Krishna takes control of 109-year-old IBM, he faces many big questions. The biggest one is this: is he willing to make disruptive changes in the massive company or will he allow bureaucracy, inertia and deadwood to keep the company forever following the leaders? Krishna's long tenure at IBM (via LinkedIn) While IBM’s
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Cloud Wars analyzes the IBM Cloud growth spurt

IBM Cloud’s Big Growth Spurt: 10 Key Numbers

January 23, 2020
While I continue to believe IBM’s cloud resurgence will be short-lived unless CEO Ginni Rometty makes some sweeping changes, the company was certainly able to share some impressive Q4 results. Yesterday, in a piece called Ginni Rometty’s Last Stand: A 5-Point Plan to Reignite IBM’s Growth, I argued that IBM is hamstrung by a corporate
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IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

Ginni Rometty’s Last Stand: A 5-Point Plan to Reignite IBM’s Growth

January 22, 2020
While IBM’s Q4 cloud revenue jumped 23% and its $33-billion bet on Red Hat is looking good in these early days, CEO Ginni Rometty cannot afford another post-Q4 dropoff paired with promises of turnarounds looming somewhere down the road. To prevent another such slump, it’s clear that IBM must make some fundamental and structural changes
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Cloud Wars analyzes the challenge for IBM in 2020 - growth

Can IBM Crush its Silos and Behave Like Customer-Obsessed Startup?

January 15, 2020
(Seventh in a series on the top challenge facing each vendor in the Cloud Wars Top 10.)   Two years ago, when IBM reported cloud revenue of $5.5 billion for the 3 months ended Dec. 31, 2017, it became for that quarter the world’s largest cloud-computing vendor—bigger than Microsoft, bigger than Amazon, bigger than everyone.
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