Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with IBM SVP Howard Boville

IBM SVP Howard Boville: Unleashing the Cloud

May 10, 2021
Just over a year ago, Howard Boville left his job as CTO at Bank of America to join IBM as senior VP of hybrid cloud. Boville joined Cloud Wars Live to discuss the big changes he's been driving at IBM Cloud, the booming market for industry clouds that he's been aggressively championing within IBM, and
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IBM SVP Howard Boville speaks about industry clouds in a video presentation

IBM Cloud Renaissance: General-Purpose Clouds Out, Industry Clouds In

May 10, 2021
Considering the impact former Bank of America CTO Howard Boville has had in just his first year as senior VP of IBM Cloud, perhaps some other big cloud providers will seriously consider adding customers to their executive ranks.  IBM is #9 on my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, and is #7 on my new
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IBM Cloud Growth Rate Chart

IBM Shocker: Q4 Cloud Growth Plummets to 8%

January 27, 2021
While Microsoft and Amazon are likely to report Q4 cloud-revenue growth rates of 30% or more, and while red-hot Google Cloud could come in at 40% or above, IBM last week said the growth rate for its cloud business plummeted in Q4 to 8%. And in the wickedly competitive Cloud Wars, 8% growth means you’re
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IBM CEO Arvind Krishna

Can IBM Soar in 2021? 10 Big Opportunities, 4 Very Tough Challenges

December 9, 2020
IBM’s cloud business is in a terrific position to have a breakout year in 2021, but that all depends on its willingness and ability to fully commit its full resources to the cloud rather than just repeating “Red Hat!” and hoping that does the trick. To get the full story, please check out our in-depth
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Cloud Wars advice to IBM CEO Arvind Krishna ahead of Q3 earnings announcement

IBM Q3 Earnings: 5 Key Issues CEO Arvind Krishna Should Address

October 16, 2020
IBM releases its Q3 financial results on Monday and I’m hoping that CEO Arvind Krishna, who’s been in that top spot for 6-1/2 turbulent months, will use that public forum to clarify some key issues essential to IBM’s future. First, some quick perspective: on my Cloud Wars Top 10 weekly rankings, IBM is #7. And
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An open letter to IBM CEO Arvind Krishna

An Open Letter to IBM CEO Arvind Krishna: Keep Swinging that Axe!

October 9, 2020
Dear Arvind: I was delighted to see the news about your decision to cut loose IBM’s managed-services infrastructure business so it can become a separate company.  And I’m hoping that with your bold move, you’re just getting started in turning IBM into a customer-centric AI and data powerhouse unencumbered with moribund businesses that drain resources,
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