IBM Wins 2 Hybrid Cloud Megadeals, Holds #5 Spot in Cloud Wars Top 10

January 22, 2019

As IBM prepares to release fourth-quarter and full-year earnings this afternoon, the company is building significant hybrid-cloud momentum for 2019 with two large and sweeping customer deals totaling $875 million over the next several years. The huge engagements with Vodafone for $550 million and Juniper for $325 million showcase IBM’s broad and deep strengths in

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IBM Earns 9,100 Patents VP Jeff Welser

Can IBM Convert Latest Patent Blitz into Rising Revenue?

January 8, 2019

While the IBM R&D teams received 9,100 patents in 2018 and for the 26th straight year led the world in that category, the company needs to begin showing customers, partners and investors that it is turning those laboratory innovations into high-value business solutions across AI, cloud and cybersecurity. Taken in isolation, the latest evidence of

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Cloud Transformation 2.0

How IBM And Red Hat, Plus Microsoft, Are Driving Cloud Transformation 2.0

October 30, 2018

IBM’s blockbuster acquisition of Red Hat for $33.4 billion to create a hybrid-cloud powerhouse signals a massive shift in the cloud-computing industry away from vendor-driven technology-first approaches and toward a customer-centric model that offers C-level execs strategic and high-value digital-business capabilities.

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IBM Launches Open Cloud And AI Tools Aimed At Radical Simplicity For Businesses

October 15, 2018

As business leaders begin betting their companies on a surging range of cloud and AI technologies, IBM plans to leapfrog its tech competitors by offering new tools that simplify and streamline the management of those complex technologies regardless of which cloud or AI vendor provides them. The core challenge is one that has bedeviled CIOs

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Microsoft, IBM & SAP

‘Legacy’ Tech Vendors Rock The Cloud As Microsoft, IBM And SAP Boom In Q2

July 20, 2018

Three of the world’s iconic tech vendors continue their striking transformations to end-to-end cloud powerhouses as enterprise bluebloods Microsoft, IBM and SAP posted a combined $13 billion in calendar-Q2 cloud revenue, led by Microsoft’s breathtaking commercial-cloud growth rate of 53% to $6.9 billion. As shown in the the table above, all three vendors this week

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