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The Ultimate Digital Transformation: Microsoft Helps Kroger Become Tech Company

January 23, 2019

In a superb example of true digital transformation, grocery giant Kroger is morphing into a technology company that develops and sells modern cloud-based solutions and services to other retail companies while also remaining America’s largest grocery retailer. Digital transformation always involves the overhaul and optimization of internal processes, but its true potential is realized when

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As Amazon Battles with Retailers, Microsoft Leads Them into the Cloud

January 18, 2019

While I don’t blame Amazon one bit for turning the retail sector upside-down and competing aggressively for every available dollar, and while it’s no surprise that major retailers are avoiding Amazon Web Services like the plague, it’s still been striking to watch Microsoft’s recent run of blockbuster retail deals. As Amazon has become a global

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CRM 2019

The Coming Hybrid Wave: Where Do Microsoft, IBM and Amazon Stand? (Part 1 of 2)

January 9, 2019

Ensuring that its stunning growth and surging relevance has only just begun, the cloud industry is warmly embracing hybrid computing—the fusion of traditional on-premises technology with the cloud—with Microsoft, IBM and Amazon leading the way in recognizing that business reality outranks whiz-bang new technologies. Because as impressive and disruptive as public-cloud infrastructure undoubtedly is, the

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Inside Microsoft's Marketing Strategy CMO Chris Capossela Cloud Wars

Inside Microsoft’s Marketing Strategy: 10 Key Insights from CMO Chris Capossela

January 2, 2019

Throughout the enterprise cloud’s breakout year of 2018, Microsoft maintained a stranglehold on the #1 spot in my Cloud Wars Top 10 ranking because of its unmatched hybrid-cloud capabilities, its early and intense focus on AI and the intelligent edge as strategic digital-business differentiators, and its unwavering commitment to customer success. And as Microsoft has

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CRM 2019

Cloud Revenue Surging: How Microsoft, AWS, IBM and Salesforce Will Top $90 Billion in 2018

December 6, 2018

As cloud computing continues to prove that it’s becoming one of the greatest tech-industry growth markets of all time, the four largest enterprise-cloud vendors—Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and—will almost certainly top $90 billion in cloud revenue for calendar 2018. And while these four top-revenue cloud vendors are putting up the most-compelling numbers, each of the

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Steadman Clinic

Virgin Trains: Making Rail Travel Fabulous

December 5, 2018
Founded by Richard Branson, Virgin Trains is a UK-based company that’s revolutionizing the railway industry. Whether traveling for work, for family and friends, or to the UK’s most iconic destinations, Virgin Trains ( will help you arrive relaxed and refreshed. And as you’ll see from Bob Evans’s awesome interview, you’ll be entertained along your journey.
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Bühler Group

Bühler Group: Feeding the World Through Better Tech

October 12, 2018

Stuart Bashford is the digital officer for the Swiss-based Bühler Group, a $3B, family-owned company that is 158 years old. Every day, billions of people use Bühler technologies and solutions to satisfy their basic needs for food, mobility, or communication. Hear Stuart discuss cloud, AI, and the Internet of Things.

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