Steadman Clinic

Virgin Trains: Making Rail Travel Fabulous

December 5, 2018
Founded by Richard Branson, Virgin Trains is a UK-based company that’s revolutionizing the railway industry. Whether traveling for work, for family and friends, or to the UK’s most iconic destinations, Virgin Trains ( will help you arrive relaxed and refreshed. And as you’ll see from Bob Evans’s awesome interview, you’ll be entertained along your journey.
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Bühler Group

Bühler Group: Feeding the World Through Better Tech

October 12, 2018

Stuart Bashford is the digital officer for the Swiss-based Bühler Group, a $3B, family-owned company that is 158 years old. Every day, billions of people use Bühler technologies and solutions to satisfy their basic needs for food, mobility, or communication. Hear Stuart discuss cloud, AI, and the Internet of Things.

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Microsoft CEO

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Unveils New Digital Strategy For Businesses: ‘Tech Intensity’

September 24, 2018

Doubling down on his belief that Microsoft must help customers become world-class software creators themselves, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella today showcased several innovative customers embracing “tech intensity” to innovate and grow in today’s high-intensity digital economy. Nadella described tech intensity as a fusion of cultural mindset and business processes that rewards the development and propagation

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The Cloud customers Dave O’Hara

How #1 Microsoft Is Beating Amazon, Google And Everyone Else In The Cloud: The Strategic Breakdown

September 17, 2018

Microsoft’s sweeping transformations of its sales and engineering organizations and its unique focus on intelligent cloud plus intelligent edge has spurred some of its largest enterprise customers to spend “an order of magnitude more with us year over year than they ever had before,” a top Microsoft executive recently told investors. Judson Althoff, executive vice

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AI And The CEO: Why Every Company Must Become An AI Company

August 20, 2018

Call it the CEO’s existential challenge: in today’s blindingly fast world of digital business, it’s no longer enough for every business to become a software business—instead, the new imperative here in our increasingly data-driven economy is that every company must become an AI company. Citing examples of AI-driven innovation that are creating sweeping new business

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Steadman Clinic

Microsoft Services: A CTO’s Advice for the C-Suite

August 11, 2018

As chief technology officer for Microsoft Services, Norm Judah has what he considers, “the best role in the company.” He works on both the customer side and the vendor side of enterprise technology, and those combined perspectives are uniquely valuable in today’s high-paced and turbulent business world. Hear Norm discuss artificial intelligence, bots, Microsoft HoloLens, and much more.

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#1 Microsoft Widens Lead Over #2 Amazon In Cloud Revenue, $6.9 Billion To $6.1 Billion

August 3, 2018

Despite Amazon’s ongoing outstanding cloud-computing performance last quarter with revenue up 49% to $6.1 billion, that just wasn’t good enough to keep pace with cloud leader Microsoft whose commercial-cloud revenue surged 53% to $6.9 billion and gave it an $800-million spread for the quarter over Amazon in the closely watched race for supremacy in the cloud. Now,

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