AI technology

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella On The Extraordinary Potential Of AI

June 4, 2018

As the AI Age takes hold, Microsoft has unleashed an AI technology strategy that’s as complete and ambitious as any you’ll find from any company in the world. It’s already in place in fast-food restaurants and in manufacturing plants, and Microsoft is ahead of everyone in extending and unifying AI’s capabilities from the cloud to

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Top Cloud Vendors

Top Cloud Vendors Will Crush $100 Billion In 2018 Revenue; Microsoft, Amazon, IBM Hit $75 Billion?

May 21, 2018

Highlighting one of the greatest growth markets the tech business has ever seen, just a handful of the world’s leading cloud vendors are on pace to generate $100 billion in combined enterprise-cloud revenue this calendar year. Extrapolating from recent financial results, growth rates, market momentum and particularly the insatiable appetite among business customers for cloud

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Microsoft will likely top $50 billion in cloud revenue at this time next year.

Microsoft Tops Amazon In Q1 Cloud Revenue, $6.0 Billion To $5.44 Billion; IBM Third At $4.2 Billion

April 27, 2018

Despite posting excellent first-quarter cloud-revenue growth of 49% to $5.44 billion, Amazon actually lost ground in its efforts to overtake Microsoft as the world’s leading enterprise-cloud provider as Satya Nadella’s company reported its commercial-cloud revenue jumped 58% to $6.0 billion. With Microsoft Azure Q1 revenue soaring 93% and Dynamics 365 SaaS revenue rising 65%, the better-than-expected growth

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cloud powerhouse

Microsoft, Amazon And IBM: Which Cloud Powerhouse Will Top Q1 Revenue Charts?

April 9, 2018

With the three largest enterprise-cloud providers—Microsoft, Amazon and IBM—all closing in on $20 billion in trailing-12-month revenue, it’s sometimes difficult to bear in mind that we are only in the very early days and opening skirmishes of the Cloud Wars. One of Microsoft’s top Azure execs described it to me the other day this way:

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The Cloud customers Dave O’Hara

Microsoft Cloud Hits Superscale As Huge Customers Migrate Mission-Critical SAP Workloads To Azure

February 28, 2018

Some of Microsoft’s largest customers are moving their production SAP workloads as well as other mission-critical applications to the Azure Cloud, offering conclusive proof that the cloud has become a mainstream enterprise-technology foundation for anything a global corporation chooses to deploy there. Speaking at a recent investors conference, Microsoft corporate vice-president and head of Cloud and

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CFO Amy Hood

How Microsoft Revolutionized Its Sales Team–Plus 9 More Insights From CFO Amy Hood

February 12, 2018

In the wake of Microsoft’s 56% commercial-cloud revenue growth in its just-completed quarter, some recent public comments from executive vice-president and CFO Amy Hood offer remarkable insights into why everything in Redmond seems to be humming along beautifully these days. The comments from Hood, who’s been with Microsoft for 15 years and was CFO of

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Cloud Wars leaders

2017 Earnings: Microsoft Dominates, IBM And Amazon Are Neck-And-Neck, Google Falls $15B Behind

February 6, 2018

In a striking example of just how big the enterprise cloud has become and how rapidly it’s growing, Google Cloud Platform’s disclosure of an impressive $4-billion forward-looking annualized revenue run rate leaves GCP about $15 billion behindthe parallel metrics for Cloud Wars leaders Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. For calendar 2017, the seven biggest enterprise-cloud vendors—Microsoft, Amazon, IBM,

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The #1 CEO Of The Year In The Cloud Wars: Microsoft’s Satya Nadella

January 10, 2018

Quick quiz—name the company whose “top news stories of 2013” included the following: shut down the Zune Marketplace; bought Nokia’s smartphone business for about $7 billion; quickly followed the disastrous release of a new operating system (8) with an upgrade/replacement (8.1); introduced two new tablets; lost trademark battle for the name “SkyDrive.” It seems utterly

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