Portrait of Microsoft CFO Amy Hood

Microsoft Is #1 in the Cloud, and CFO Amy Hood Is Bullish on the Future

March 6, 2020
Speaking at an investors conference earlier this week, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood offered a range of insights into the company’s strategy while calling out particularly strong performances “across each of our cloud properties” and in Windows for security. In a Q&A session with Morgan Stanley lead software analyst Keith Weiss, Hood consistently expressed her optimism
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Frame from a Microsoft teams TV ad, part of its recent marketing blitz

Microsoft Launches Marketing Blitz as Teams Blows Past 20 Million Users

February 20, 2020
Eager to capitalize on the “phenomenal” adoption of its Teams collaboration suite, Microsoft has kicked off an aggressive TV-advertising campaign for Teams to overcome low awareness for both the category and the suite itself. In the context of the Cloud Wars, this is a powerful move. Teams and Office 365 Commercial have become high-volume on-ramps
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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says that tech spending will double in the next decade

Tech Spending Is Set to Explode, Says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

February 7, 2020
As the digital economy takes hold and the cloud and ML power business innovation at an unprecedented scale, today’s robust IT budgets pale in comparison to what’s coming over the next several years. “Tech spending as a percentage of GDP is projected to double over the next decade,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said last week.
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Cloud Wars analyzes the TechCrunch story on Microsoft vs. AWS cloud

AWS Thrashing Microsoft, Says TechCrunch—But Revenue Numbers Tell Opposite Story

February 4, 2020
A very large, successful and well-respected tech-media company last week wrote that “Microsoft is miles behind the cloud leader” (AWS) and is “still struggling to gain meaningful ground on AWS’s lead.” However, official financial documents released by both companies last week clearly show that Microsoft’s cloud business is much larger than that for Amazon’s AWS
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CEO Satya Nadella speaks about Microsoft digitalizing the world

How Satya Nadella and Microsoft Are Digitalizing the World

February 3, 2020
Exactly six years ago today, Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft and began turning the company upside down. And now that he’s got Microsoft innovating and executing as well as any company on Earth, Satya Nadella has set his sights on digitalizing the world. It’s no longer Microsoft’s goal for its business customers to consume
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CEO Satya Nadella discusses Microsoft cloud revenue for 2019

Microsoft Blows Away Amazon in 2019 Cloud Revenue: 30% Bigger

January 30, 2020
Microsoft’s latest blowout quarter brings its total enterprise-cloud revenue for calendar 2019 to $44.7 billion, making its cloud business about 30% larger than the approximately $34.8 billion that I expect Amazon to report for AWS tomorrow. Microsoft’s stellar $12.5 billion in cloud revenue for its fiscal Q2 ended Dec. 31, up 41%, should help correct
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CTO Mark Russinovich speaks about Microsoft boosting Azure reliability

Microsoft Tackles Top Challenge: Boosting Azure’s Reliability

January 28, 2020
With Azure having become Microsoft’s centerpiece for the future, the company’s making some huge investments around ML and other technologies to boost Azure’s reliability as more global corporations bet their businesses on it. Several months ago, I wrote about some earlier steps Microsoft was taking to address Azure’s reliability. Called After 3 Cloud Failures in
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New episode of Sadin on Digital: Flip a Switch. Boom, You’re in the 21st Century.

Flip a Switch. Boom, You’re in the 21st Century. | Sadin on Digital

January 21, 2020
“Sadin on Digital” episodes explore the fast-changing and high-stakes world of digital business. Wayne Sadin and I focus in particular on what CEOs and boards must do to lead their companies successfully into the Digital Age. Today, we talk 2020. Wayne shares his predictions, ideas and recommendations for boards and the C-suite. Episode 11 In
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Microsoft says that its cloud migrations are 5X cheaper than Amazon's

Why Microsoft and Not Amazon Is #1 in Cloud: Migrations Are 5X Cheaper

January 10, 2020
Microsoft’s long-time expertise with on-premises technology has helped it deliver cloud migrations that are often 5X less expensive than those offered by cloud-native archrival AWS, according to a Microsoft executive. Speaking at an investors conference last month, Microsoft corporate vice-president for cloud marketing Takeshi Numoto offered the following perspective on the dynamics involved when large
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