Can Blockchain Reignite Oracle’s Cloud Growth?

July 31, 2018

Blockchain’s enormous potential might be just what Oracle needs to reignite its sprawling cloud business, which to date has displayed more promise than performance. While most tech vendors would stand to benefit from offering a robust set of blockchain services, few if any have as much to gain as Oracle because Oracle already has in

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Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud 2.0: New SaaS Accelerators, Automation And Integrations–Even To SAP And Salesforce

June 14, 2018

Looking to prove it’s fully committed to the customer-success phenomenon that’s become the centerpiece of the enterprise-cloud business, Oracle—the world’s second-largest vendor of cloud applications—recently unleashed a slew of new SaaS services and capabilities designed to make it easier and faster for customers to take full advantage of the cloud. Oracle founder and chairman Larry

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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd: How To Instantly Prevent 95% Of Database Cyberattacks

May 10, 2018

As Oracle expands its Autonomous Cloud services and looks to claim a leadership position in cloud cybersecurity, CEO Mark Hurd said this week that 95 percent of cyberattacks are on databases that administrators have failed to patch for more than 9 months—and that Oracle’s Autonomous Database can instantly drive that deeply alarming figure to zero.

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Oracle Extends All-In Commitment To AI And Machine Learning To NetSuite SaaS Apps

April 30, 2018

A few months after upgrading its huge portfolio of SaaS apps with “adaptive intelligence” capabilities for the digital economy, Oracle is doing the same for its entire NetSuite family of integrated applications aimed at small and mid-sized businesses. The NetSuite announcement means that while Oracle is still well behind SaaS leader in revenue, Oracle

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self driving

How Oracle Plans To Beat Amazon: Next-Gen Cloud Software Requiring Zero Human Labor

March 29, 2018

Leveraging his long-game vision and his company’s unmatched database-technology expertise, Oracle founder Larry Ellison said Oracle will beat Amazon in the cloud by releasing over the next few months a sweeping set of “self-driving” cloud solutions that Ellison claims are simply beyond even Amazon’s ability to match. Over the past few years, Ellison has on

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self driving database

Larry Ellison: Oracle’s Self-Driving Database ‘Most Important Thing Company’s Ever Done’

March 20, 2018

Looking to shift attention toward a revolutionary new product and away from its disappointing Q3 cloud results, Oracle founder Larry Ellison said yesterday the company’s newly released Autonomous Database could be “the most important thing Oracle’s ever done” and “will change the profile of our company forever.” In yesterday’s earnings call, several questions from analysts

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