Christian Anschuetz

UL: Trust, Flexibility, and Tech From a Former Marine

October 7, 2018

Christian Anschuetz is UL’s Chief Digital Officer (CDO) where he is responsible for identifying, prioritizing and embedding technology innovation and digital trends into the vision, strategy, and operating models required to sustain and accelerate the company’s growth. Before assuming the role of CDO, he served as UL’s global Chief Information Officer. He is also a director of ProjectRELO, which is dedicated to transforming America’s perspective on the value and character of our veterans through intense and immersive business leadership training exercises.

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Brian King

Marriott International: People-First Digital Transformation

October 1, 2018

Brian King oversees all of Marriott’s worldwide digital, sales, distribution, revenue management and customer engagement efforts. Brian’s organization ensures a thoughtful approach to blending high-tech and high-touch services that ultimately drive revenue and customer loyalty for life. Marriott’s digital channels generate over 17 billion in sales annually and our customer engagement centers host over 65 million interactions each year.

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Topcon: Meeting the Needs of a Fast-Changing World

September 19, 2018

Kris Cowles is Vice President, Global Applications IT at Topcon Positioning Systems. She previously held the position of Director, Engineering Operations at Cisco. Kris’s company operates in three segments: The Positioning Business, which uses high-precision GNSS positing technology to achieve the automation of civil engineering construction and farming; the Smart Infrastructure Business, which applies the surveying technology we have developed since our founding in the fields of infrastructure development and structural maintenance and management; and the Eye Care Business, which offers advanced solutions in the field of ophthalmology.

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Wayne Sadin

Wayne Sadin: The Changing Perception of IT

September 19, 2018

Wayne Sadin is chief digital officer and chief technology officer for Affinitas Life, which is targeting the 76 million Baby Boomers who want to live in metropolitan areas, and would like to continue to contribute to society through professional careers and volunteer work. He began his career at Data-Link Systems/Fiserv Lending Solutions, and has held a number of positions in the financial services and technology industries. He also serves on a number of boards, including FSA Logisitx Inc. and the National Association of Corporate Directors.

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CarMax: Creating Fabulous Online Customer Experiences

September 1, 2018

CarMax is disrupting the used-car industry with its its online presence and its no-haggle pricing. Join Bob Evans of Evans Strategic Communications, and Shamim Mohammad, SVP and CIO of CarMax as they explore the consumer buying experience and CarMax’s recent adoption of

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Steadman Clinic

Microsoft Services: A CTO’s Advice for the C-Suite

August 11, 2018

As chief technology officer for Microsoft Services, Norm Judah has what he considers, “the best role in the company.” He works on both the customer side and the vendor side of enterprise technology, and those combined perspectives are uniquely valuable in today’s high-paced and turbulent business world. Hear Norm discuss artificial intelligence, bots, Microsoft HoloLens, and much more.

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