SAP CEO Christian Klein, who recent predicted growing tension with Microsoft and Google in cloud

SAP Will Battle Microsoft & Google for Customer Control, Says CEO Christian Klein

May 12, 2020
In a recent interview with’s Den Howlett, SAP CEO Christian Klein predicted increasing tension with hyperscalers Microsoft and Google as they move more deeply into applications and gain more control over customer transformations. The pivotal issue is the radically different technology stack in the cloud versus in traditional on-premises IT. In the old world,
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SAP CEO Christian Klein takes questions from media

As SAP CEO Flies Solo, 10 Insights into Christian Klein and SAP’s Future

April 23, 2020
Thirty-nine-year-old Christian Klein is now CEO of SAP, one of the most strategic and influential software companies in the world, on his own. His comments during this week’s Q1 earnings call offered some powerful insights into his thinking. Klein’s in both a fabulous and a pretty darn tough spot. Fabulous because he’s running a proud
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SAP co-CEOs Christian Klein and Jen Morgan, whose departure was announced this week

SAP, Oracle and Salesforce Agree on One Thing: co-CEO Model Is Dead

April 22, 2020
In the past 9 months, three of the world’s most powerful and successful software companies have all dropped the co-CEO model. And while each of those companies has offered a different reason for making that high-level change, I believe they all did it for exactly the same reason: it’s a bad idea and doesn’t really
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SAP Shocker: New Cloud Revenue 4.5X Larger than License Revenue

April 13, 2020
As the COVID-19 slowdown gutted traditional on-premises revenue for SAP in March, the world’s largest applications vendor reported that Q1 cloud revenue came in 4.5X higher than its traditional license revenue. It’s a stunning statistic revealing how rapidly the enterprise cloud has become not just a solid contributor to the revenue of the major tech
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SAP Q1: COVID-19 Guts License Sales but Cloud Revenue Jumps 29%

April 9, 2020
Offering a first glimpse at the jarring impact COVID-19 will surely have on Q1 financial results, SAP said its license sales will probably decline 31% for the quarter. However, cloud revenue should rise by 29%. In a narrative that will become very familiar over the next few weeks as many of the Cloud Wars Top
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SAP co-CEO Christian Klein

SAP Has Twice as Many Cloud ERP Customers as Oracle: Exclusive Co-CEO Interview

April 6, 2020
SAP is decisively outperforming rival Oracle in cloud ERP as business customers are demanding intelligent end-to-end cloud solutions fusing HCM, procurement, spend management and other formerly siloed processes, SAP co-CEO Christian Klein said in an exclusive Cloud Wars interview. While Klein’s perspectives on customer momentum in the red-hot cloud ERP marketplace are certainly intriguing, the
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SAP: Big Spike in Use of Sourcing App Offered Free During COVID-19

March 30, 2020
(The latest in our series examining the tech industry’s response to COVID-19.)   Since making its Ariba Discovery sourcing software temporarily available at no charge to help businesses cope with supply-chain disruptions, SAP said buyer postings have increased by 51% and supplier responses have jumped by 177%. On March 10, as the world began to
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The SAP co-CEOs led a recent Q4 earnings call

SAP Hits Back at Larry Ellison’s Claim that Oracle’s Snatching ERP Customers

February 11, 2020
Dismissing Larry Ellison’s claim that Oracle is about to start ripping and replacing traditional SAP ERP systems, SAP co-CEO Christian Klein recently said SAP’s market share is more than twice that of any competitor, is growing rapidly in all phases, and is adding corporate customers that have never used SAP before. There’s much more here
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SAP co-CEO Jen Morgan speaks on the Q4 earnings call about Qualtrics and more

SAP Blockbusters: Bets Future on Qualtrics, Hedges on 2025 Deadline

January 29, 2020
Committing to a disruptive future while protecting its powerful past, SAP said Qualtrics and experience management are its growth engines for the future and that it will probably scuttle plans for terminating ECC support in 2025. On yesterday’s Q4 earnings call, SAP co-CEOs Christian Klein and Jennifer Morgan offered a range of compelling comments about
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