IDC Market Study shows SAP leads in B2B digital commerce

SAP Thumps Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe in B2B Digital Commerce: IDC

October 6, 2020
A week before SAP unveils its new CX strategy and intentions, IDC has released a market study showing that SAP has a significantly stronger presence in B2B Digital Commerce than competitors Salesforce, Oracle, and Adobe. (On my Cloud Wars Top 10 weekly rankings, SAP is #5, Salesforce is #3, Oracle is #6, and Adobe is
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SAP CEO Christian Klein's company has a higher market-cap value than Oracle and Salesforce

Why SAP Is Beating Salesforce and Oracle in the Market-Cap Wars

August 25, 2020
Which cloud powerhouse does the public value most highly: Salesforce, with annualized revenue of about $19 billion; SAP, with annualized revenue of about $32 billion; or Oracle, with annualized revenue of about $40 billion? Market capitalizations can be fleeting things—Apple’s is currently at $2.1 trillion—but in spite of occasional flightiness, they provide a fully objective,
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Side by side of the SAP and Qualtrics CEOs

SAP Cuts Qualtrics Loose: Christian Klein’s Bizarre but Courageous Move

July 29, 2020
Tech-industry CEOs with high-growth businesses generally pour on the investments to scale that rocket as aggressively and as rapidly as possible. And when that runaway business also happens to sit at the dead-center of where the industry’s headed, they pour in even more investments. And they begin repositioning other products or businesses to feed off
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SAP CEO Christian Klein

In Dangerous Times, SAP CEO Christian Klein Makes Clear: I’m in Charge

July 28, 2020
Nine months ago, Christian Klein was unexpectedly thrust into the role of co-CEO at SAP in the wake of Bill McDermott’s sudden departure. Five months ago, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and wildly disrupted SAP’s business. Three months ago, Klein become SAP’s sole CEO when Jennifer Morgan stepped down as co-CEO. And this week, in the
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SAP CEO Christian Klein, who recently highlighted SAP's Industry Cloud as a new growth driver

SAP’s Secret Weapon: Month-Old Industry Cloud Already ‘Growth Driver’

July 16, 2020
As SAP reported preliminary Q2 revenue growth of 21%, CEO Christian Klein revealed the vast potential of SAP’s month-old Industry Cloud by calling it out by name in referring to the company’s “growth drivers.” In line with German financial regulations, SAP each quarter delivers preliminary results a couple of weeks before it reports its final
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Google Cloud and SAP logos, highlighting their partnership

Hey Microsoft: Google Cloud Is Pushing You Out as SAP’s #1 Cloud Partner

July 1, 2020
While promiscuity is a given among top SaaS vendors and the big hyperscalers, it looks to me like Google Cloud has cut in aggressively on Microsoft as the infrastructure heartthrob SAP likes best. First of all, SAP CEO Christian Klein recently stated quite assertively that while it’s all nice and wonderful that the big hyperscalers—Amazon,
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IBM and SAP logos matched up to represent their partnership

SAP and IBM Team Up to Help Customers Avoid Extinction

June 26, 2020
As the pace of change continues to soar and the timetable to transformation shrinks, SAP and IBM are rolling out a broad array of data-driven services to help customers innovate and thrive rather than stagnate and go away. Building on a partnership launched half a century ago, IBM and SAP are calling this new initiative
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