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Microsoft, SAP And Oracle Join Cloud-Industry Obsession Over New Performance Metric

February 21, 2018

The clearest and most-unequivocal proof that the enterprise-cloud business has grown up and is fully ready for industrial-strength deployments is the recent pledges from top executives at Microsoft, SAP and Oracle to make customer success —not customer satisfaction or loyalty, but customer success—their top priority in 2018. Those tech-industry giants have joined cloud-native SaaS providers

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Inside SAP: As Cloud Surpasses License Revenue In 2018, 10 Strategic Insights

February 20, 2018

Helping global corporations like Emirates Group undergo massive digital transformations even as it remakes itself for the digital world, SAP is confidently predicting that its cloud revenue will overtake its license revenue this year on the strength of having “the most complete cloud in the enterprise,” according to CEO Bill McDermott. “We believe this is

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