Bill McDermott, CEO of cloud vendor ServiceNow

How Bill McDermott’s Magic Touch Has Made ServiceNow a Cloud Superstar

May 4, 2020
In his inimitably upbeat fashion, ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott has in just four months immersed himself in the wonky worlds of ITOM, CSM and SAM and turned those into top-priority strategic themes that CEOs are finding simply irresistible. ServiceNow, which late last year lured McDermott away from SAP, is certainly no stranger to steep growth
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ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott announces that the company is hiring more than 1,000 people

Transcending ‘No Layoffs’ Amid COVID-19, ServiceNow Hiring 1,000+

April 16, 2020
Saying ServiceNow is “grateful to be in this position,” CEO Bill McDermott not only joined the growing number of companies pledging no COVID-19-triggered layoffs for 2020 but promised to hire well over 1,000 people worldwide. “We want our employees focused on supporting our customers, not worried about their own jobs,” Bill McDermott said yesterday in
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ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott may partner with Salesforce or SAP for CRM

Salesforce-SAP Showdown: Will Bill McDermott and ServiceNow Be CRM King-Makers?

February 10, 2020
As SAP mounts an aggressive assault on Salesforce’s dominant position in the huge CRM marketplace, look for one of those cloud giants to partner-up with ServiceNow to deliver breakthrough capabilities in the world’s largest software market. ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott—who spent the last decade as CEO of SAP—recently offered a come-one, come-all invitation to the
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CEO Bill McDermott is helping ServiceNow redefine enterprise software

ServiceNow’s Big Secret: Bill McDermott Redefining Software Business

January 31, 2020
Its record revenues, record stock price, and soaring expectations aside, perhaps the most-disruptive initiative at high-flying ServiceNow is the way new CEO Bill McDermott is helping to redefine and redirect the enterprise-software business. Here at Cloud Wars, we’ve recently made the case on a few occasions that the traditional structure of the enterprise-software business—ERP, CRM,
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Life After SAP: Bill McDermott’s 10-Point Plan to Triple ServiceNow’s Revenue

October 31, 2019
In a bizarre but compelling courtship ritual, Bill McDermott—who’s the outgoing CEO of SAP and the future CEO of ServiceNow—and John Donahoe—the soon-to-be-ex-CEO of ServiceNow and future CEO of Nike—outlined in a recent earnings call the fabulous future of a company neither exec fully represents. Setting aside that quirkiness in the space-time continuum, the outgoing
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There's a CEO shuffle at SAP, ServiceNow, and Oracle

As SAP, Oracle and ServiceNow Lose Leaders, Who Wins CEO Shuffle?

October 29, 2019
In times of relentless change in the Cloud Wars, will the departures of well-established CEOs and the arrival of new ones at SAP, Oracle and ServiceNow lead to upheavals or to more of the status quo? Let me quickly set the stage for this CEO shuffle: Oracle: the tragic death of CEO Mark Hurd creates
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SAP icon Bill McDermott is now ServiceNow CEO

Can SAP Icon Bill McDermott Turn ServiceNow into $10-Billion Cloud Powerhouse?

October 23, 2019
After losing its current CEO to the allures of Nike, ServiceNow has scored a huge coup by recruiting SAP icon Bill McDermott to become CEO of the high-flying digital-workflow company by year’s end. Saying he is “fired up and can’t wait to get started,” McDermott takes over from John Donahoe. Donahoe tripled ServiceNow’s market cap
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