Inside ServiceNow’s Boom: The Rise of Digital Workflows

February 6, 2019

While ServiceNow continues to grab lots of well-earned attention for its steep revenue growth, the really interesting story for the company is how it’s creating an entirely new category within the crowded SaaS marketplace by interconnecting the siloed workflows that other SaaS products are creating. As ServiceNow posted Q4 revenue growth of 35% and projected ongoing

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ServiceNow Dreams Of $10 Billion As Digital Transformation Spikes Revenue 45%

August 28, 2018

Riding one of the hottest growth markets the tech business has ever seen, SaaS high-flyer ServiceNow says CEOs’ insatiable demand for digital transformation is not only driving upward revenue guidance for 2018 but also causing the company to begin planning what it must do to reach $10 billion in annual revenue. For a company that’s

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